Bacon-Roasted Buttercup Squash with Rosemary Honey

Bacon-Roasted Buttercup Squash with Rosemary Honey

My CSA provided me with a winter squash that I'd never cooked with before, and quite honestly, didn't know the name of. After less than a minute of googling winter squash pictures, there it was: the Buttercup Squash. It looked a lot like a green acorn squash, with yellowish freckles. Shortish, … [Read More...]

Winter Light

Rejection Doesn’t Have To Be the End of the Story

Rejection Stinks Rejection is the feeling of being dismissed, devalued, or unwanted. If I were to ask you, "Have you ever felt rejected?", would that trigger some thoughts, or a memory for you? I'm guessing that since you've walked this planet long enough to have learned how to read and click … [Read More...]


Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Apple Butter

As you know, I’m a complete cheese-hound. Cabot Cheddar Cheese is my favorite cheddar, and I love to use it to make grilled cheese sandwiches. But I’m also a strong devotee of Cook’s Illustrated, and the other day on their site, I saw a recipe for a sandwich called a Grown-Up Grilled Cheese. They mixed […]


Homemade Lasagna plus a “How to” Video

 Food sure does bring people together, and in my life, you could even say that one of the main reasons I have my very own family is due to food! Back when I was dating the man who is now my husband, I invited him over for lasagna. You can ask him yourself, and he’ll […]

Frozen Fruit Smoothie

Fabulous Frozen Fruit Smoothie

  A few years ago, I tried eating “raw” for a week, in an attempt to “detox” my body. It was an interesting exercise in self-control, but not something I wanted to continue as a lifestyle. I lost some weight, but what I gained from the experience was a method for making delicious smoothies. The […]

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The Horizon’s Bright on the Nashville Skyline

There’s quite a bit of buzz going around about Music City, these days. The exciting developments occurring in our cultural scene – in food, music, and the arts – have turned the national spotlight our way, turning us into one hot little town. I’m in touch with folks from all over – the fact that […]

Browned Butter Brown Sugar Cookies

Browned Butter Dark Brown Sugar Cookies

As a kid, I loved putting brown sugar on my cereal. Not plain old white sugar. It had to be BROWN sugar. (I blame Mick Jagger.) Brown sugar wasn’t just that one-note flavor of “sweet”: it had that richer, darker flavor that comes from the molasses that’s in it. As an adult, my love for […]

After using X Out for 4 weeks.

X Out Review

  I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf ofInfluence-Central for X Out. I received samples of X Out to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating. I feel for my kids, as I watch them make their way through that roller coaster season of life known as adolescence. It’s such […]

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Pumpkin Soup with Apple-Cranberry Relish and Spicy Pepitas

  The weather forecast around where I live looks remarkably chilly, and when the weather outside looks frightful, there is nothing that warms the soul and lifts the spirits like a comforting bowl of soup! I told you a couple of weeks ago that I’d had a great talk with Chef Roy at Cantina Laredo, […]

Resources for Caregivers: National Family Caregiver Month

When Thanksgiving rolls around, the whole time I’m preparing the feast, my head fills with echoes of Thanksgiving Days long past. I think of my Mom, slinging that ginormous raw turkey into the ancient roasting pan, and my involuntary shivering at the smell of uncooked poultry and its innards.  I think of the untold hours […]

Isn't he cute? He could be my son, if I were Dominican and Lindsey were Italian.

Restaurant Review: Cantina Laredo Nashville and a GIVEAWAY

Cantina Laredo treated me to a lovely dinner, and gave me a gift card to give away, but all opinions are CLEARLY my own. Being a member of the Nashville Food Bloggers has its perks, and recently, we were guests at a dinner hosted by Nashville’s local branch of the Mexican food chain, Cantina Laredo. Cantina […]

That right there is a mess of green beans and 'taters.

Green Beans and Potatoes

We try to incorporate lots of fresh, local veggies in our diet, and we do that by buying vegetables through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group. It must have been a great year for potatoes for our CSA, because potatoes kept showing up in our share box this fall. When some lovely green beans arrived […]