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Who is That Susan Williams?

Susan Williams

Welcome to my purple kitchen! Let me introduce myself!

My name is Susan Williams, which, admittedly, is a very vanilla name. At the doctor’s office, I’m usually about number 40 amongst all the many Susan Williams there are in our insurance system.

So WHICH Susan Williams am I?

Well, I’m the one who writes about food, faith, and fun. I love to share my passion for great food, simply and beautifully prepared. I’m a born storyteller, and I adore making people laugh. And perhaps most important of all to me is sharing a word of encouragement that is based on the hope I have in the God to whom I belong.

I used to live in Nashville, TN, but my dear husband had a yen to live in the woods, where the deer and the wild turkey play (not to mention the ticks, and the chiggers). If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know my old Blogspot blog was called Wild Life in the Woods, because, quite frankly, I live in the Boonies, and things are never NOT wild around here. I think this video does a GREAT job of communicating a lot about me, in just two short minutes:


I love to share recipes that have worked well for me: I only share what I deem to be the best of the best. I gear my recipes toward the skill level of the average cook, but I have a FIRM conviction that most average, or even pretty good cooks could do SO MUCH BETTER, with just a bit more effort. I believe in avoiding processed foods, and using ingredients that are predominantly fresh.  I try to share what I have learned along the way through many hours of reading and cooking, providing my readers with a shortcut into developing their own reputation of being stellar cooks.

My husband is my food photographer extraordinaire. This earns him no money, but a lot of great meals. Since we have to pay for those groceries, he hasn’t yet given up his day job as an Emmy-nominated music producer/writer/performer.

Lindsey and Susan

Phood Photographer and *that* Susan Williams.

I’m hopelessly in love with my aforementioned husband, and the mother of two fine offspring (one male, one female). I have been a homeschool teacher for  15 years, despite my undergraduate degree in education and my graduate degree in counseling, and my 9 years of experience working in public and private schools.

I’m the monthly food columnist for Midlife Boulevard, a virtual magazine for women, where each month, I share something delicious. 

I’m published! I contributed recipes and essays to this wonderful cookbook: The Hunter’s Cookbook: The Best Recipes to Savor the Experience.

I am open to considering sponsored posts that fit with products and service I truly believe in. From time to time I write in conjunction with One2One Network, Mom Central, and am a proud member of the SITSGirls, and Massive Sway Network.

To date, I have guest blogged on several blogs, and my proudest moment was when a piece I wrote called “Angels,  Unaware”  was published on the Erma Bombeck site, Humor Writer’s Workshop. Here’s a link to where I was featured on the Vibrant Nation website. I’ve also contributed to  The LG Report, where I hope I made readers laugh, and To Sow a Seed and  Hip Homeschooling Moms, where I hope I made readers think. It’s my goal, after all, to entertain, all the while I’m giving you a nudge you to look at something afresh.

Thanks for stopping by, and come back as often as you’d like! While you’re here,  I hope you’ll find a recipe worth preparing, an irreproachably honest opinion on any product I review, a thoughtful idea to chew on, a belly laugh or two, and maybe even a sideways hug to encourage you as we travel down life’s road together.

But above all?

I hope you’ll find a story well told, by *that* Susan Williams.

Dan L Vander-Ark

Thursday 3rd of March 2022

Howdy can I use your drawing/image of the wilderness wanderings in my sermon? It would be a one time use and its the best/clearest depiction of any of them that I have found on a Google search. (Most don't even show them actually crossing the Red Sea!) Thanks! I will give your name and blog full credit. Dan

Susan Williams

Wednesday 9th of March 2022

Of course!

Patricia McSherry

Wednesday 5th of January 2022

Susan, I came across you recipe for Apple Orange Cranberry relish and read your comments about helping your mother with the hand grinder clamped to the side of the table. I am 70 years old and recall helping my mother prepare this same recipe for our Thanksgiving dinner. She had gotten the recipe from one of her friends who was a fabulous cook. It is a great relish. Thank you for bringing up a memory for me.

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