My Cookbook

 I Have (finally) Written a Cookbook!  

If you just watched the video, the link you need is at the bottom of this page.


But here’s the exciting news: your copy will be uniquely your own, and probably different from anyone else’s.

And why is that? Because you’ll..

Choose the 6 Chapters You Want Most

That’s because you’ll build it, your way, by selecting the recipe categories you’re most likely to use.


I’ve Partnered with Create My Cookbook

I’ve entered into a partnership with Create My Cookbook. They’re launching a completely unique, brand new type of cookbook software, and as my readers, you’ll be some of the first ones EVER to get to utilize it.

Choose From Among 21 Possible Chapters

I’ve taken a bunch of my recipes that already exist on my site, and organized them into 21 different chapters. 

To make your copy of my cookbook, you’ll select six of those chapters.

You also get to choose:

  1. The Cover you prefer.
  2. Write your own title, if you’d like to change it.
  3. Choose the style of binding you prefer,
  4. Finally, if your book is a gift for someone special, you can even write your own dedication.

My readers have been asking me to write my own cookbook for years.

I love it that they get to help me in that process.

Here’s the link you’ll need: That Susan Williams CookbookThat Susan Williams Coo My New Cookbook!