Longing for Home

Lindsey’s been gone on a hunting trip, and I’ve been holding down the fort here in the Boonies. In my role as de facto head of the hacienda, I have been required to face a possible copperhead sighting on the patio, quell an incursion of multiple yellow jacket entries, take dominion over spiders that are showing up in […]

Everything’s Connected

I’ve been noticing lately that everything’s connected in my life. When I take the time to look, events that might at first glance seem to have happened randomly, upon closer inspection, have common threads running through them.  When I reflect further, I often find areas where God might be speaking to me – there – […]

A Change is Gonna Come

It ain’t much, but it’s a little something. A little change for my blog. Last night I was checking out some local-to-me food blogs, and I noticed one on Blogger that had a “Print Friendly” button at the end of her post. I’d been looking for a gadget like that for my recipe posts, and […]