A Picture of Homeschooling

There are so many stories that this picture tells. Click for a closer look: maybe you’ll see them.

This picture tells the story of an immense love shared by a young married couple: a love so deep that the young couple was willing to risk their very happy married-without-children lifestyle, to see what might  happen if they mingled their genes.

This picture tells the story of my parents and my husband’s parents, of our aunts and uncles, and their parents: of genetic traits, passed down, on both sides. Of strawberry blondes, and fair skin that burns, of heartmeltingly huge brown eyes, of long lashes that can’t be tamed.

It tells the story of a “throw-caution-to-the-wind and you-only-go-round-once-in-this-life” trip to the Emmys in LA by this kid’s doting parents, who only brought him back these dumb, (yet somehow uber cool), red and black plaid slip on surfer shoes, purchased on the shores of Huntington Beach; of California culture, invading the mid-South.

It tells the story of a man with a dream to live in the Boonies, where the deer, and the wild turkey play, and a lovely creek that runs through it.

It tells the story of a woman with a dream to try homeschooling her kids, that kept going, for one more year, and one more year, and one more “Oh my gosh, I’m in it for keeps now” year when she discovered the difficulty of entering public school mid-stream at the high school level.

It tells the story of a man who got suckered/kindly agreed to teach Biology to his high school age son, but who actually only ended up doing the experiment/lab part. It tells the story of a Mother who enjoyed teaching Biology more than she thought she would.

It tells the story of the flexibility that homeschoolers have, that others sometimes yearn for.

A picture really is worth a thousand words…

But if you asked my SON for the story on the Biology part of the picture….

you might get a DIFFERENT story.

Let’s not spoil our idyllic little tale, though, shall we?


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