Lord and Lady Boonie Strut Their Stuff

Lord and Lady Boonie living their Wild Life in the Woods. You know it’s spring here in the Boonies when the turkeys start showing up in your “yard” on a daily basis. (Well, we CALL it a yard. But it’s not really a yard. It’s the woods.) Turkey hunting season doesn’t begin in Tennessee till […]

A Picture of Homeschooling

There are so many stories that this picture tells. Click for a closer look: maybe you’ll see them. This picture tells the story of an immense love shared by a young married couple: a love so deep that the young couple was willing to risk their very happy married-without-children lifestyle, to see what might  happen […]

I Am Not Worthy

Trying to act nonchalant.  See this woman? See what’s behind her? Yeah, at this particular moment, she was feeling pretty darn good about herself. She was thinking that she, for some reason, had been allowed to hit the jackpot. Have you ever been someplace, gone someplace, and known that you had risen above your social […]