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Isn’t that a cool picture? I told my dear husband, the Big Bison, the kind of picture I wanted for this post, and pointed out the microphone I wanted a picture of, and what background from his studio I thought would look cool, but that’s as much credit as I can take. My concept, his execution.

Putting words out there for people to read over the internet is what I like to do. And putting music out there into the world for people to hear is what he likes to do. And when you put sound out through a public address system, sometimes you get feedback. And that kind of feedback is generally pretty painfully bad. It makes your ears hurt. I can remember a time when my ears felt like they had been stuffed with cotton for hours after a particularly horrific explosion from the sound system at a live gig my husband was playing. And THAT, my friends, is not the kind of feedback I am interested in.

But I have noticed that my number of readers is growing, and I want to say, first off, “Welcome!!!!” It’s very gratifying to know that someone out there is taking their precious time to stop by to see what I’ve written. Thank you so much for that!!!” And secondly, would you mind taking a moment to satisfy my curiosity by letting me know where and how you heard of my blog? Sometimes I put up announcements on a couple of different forums I frequent, some of my facebook friends have found me through facebook, but I think others of you have clicked on my link from other sites, and it would help me to know how you found me.

So, if you have just a second, would you mind leaving me a comment in the comment box, and let me know how you first found me? If you want to leave a verbal vote for the kind of things that keep you coming back, I would love to know that, too! Are you drawn here by the personal stories, or the inspirational/devotional type posts, or the recipes, or what? What brought you here, and what keeps you coming back? That’s what I am interested in learning! I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK!!!

Thanks for your help! I so look forward to reading your comments!!!

And, as they used to say on the Beverly Hillbillies, y’all come back now, hear?

Empress Bee (of the

Sunday 12th of September 2010

actually it's my first time here, I was bored so I started hitting the " next blog" button which in itself is a feat not for the squeamish I can tell you first hand. well I read the whole first page of yours, very nice blog. hope you will com visit mine sometime. I live in Florida, am retired, love to cruise on the big ships, play cards with other old women like me and generally love every day I have on this big round thing we live on (I know, never end a sentence in a preposition, right), so live on y'all, okay? smiles, beexoxo

Susan in the Boonies

Tuesday 24th of August 2010

Hi, Jaime! Send me a private message over on Sonlight!


Tuesday 24th of August 2010

Hi Susan!I've seen you on the SL forum and I just now found your blog searching for TN Sonlighters online! We just moved to Nashville 8 months ago (we currently are in Franklin) from Cusco, Peru and I'm looking for some homeschoolers to hook up with. Where in TN are you exactly? Do you know of anyone in this area I could get in touch with?I'm off to peruse your blog now!jaime :)


Saturday 21st of August 2010

I was just clicking "next blog" and stopped at yours because of the nice quotation at the top. I suspect we are rather different sorts of people (you seem to have a great deal of faith; I am a skeptic, more or less), and I appreciate your writing style, so I intend to bookmark you and visit regularly, if that's okay. (It probably is, or why would you be blogging in the first place?)

Captain Kirk

Saturday 21st of August 2010

Greetings,One of the things you'd like to know is how I found your blog. Simple, clicked "Next Blog" until I found you!Love the blog! So much that I wrote about it...