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Lord and Lady Boonie Strut Their Stuff

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Lord and Lady Boonie living their Wild Life in the Woods.

You know it’s spring here in the Boonies when the turkeys start showing up in your “yard” on a daily basis. (Well, we CALL it a yard. But it’s not really a yard. It’s the woods.)

Turkey hunting season doesn’t begin in Tennessee till Saturday, but The Big Bison (my dear husband) has been out shooting some turkeys a little early this year.

With a Nikon.

The BB put his hunting blind up out in our yard so that he could go watch our fowl guests ( 😀 ) without disturbing them. Having a hunting blind is a lot like being able to have your own clubhouse – in camo! – even though you’re a grown up. It’s also sort of like pretending you’re going camping, without all the packing and planning, since it’s a tent – and, in camo! I think he really likes going out to play in his clubhouse blind. With his big toy camera. I pack him a little PB&J and off he goes.

OK, I don’t really pack him a lunch. I’m not that nice.

But I did help him drag his hind end out of bed bright and early so he could be there to get the worm. Or the early bird. Whatever.

And sure enough, this morning, several of our oh so finely feathered friends showed up, ready for their closeups (Mr. DeMille).

Since this blog is called Wild Life in the Woods, from time to time, I like to show you a little wildlife from our woods. I consider it my small contribution to Truth in Advertising.

The Tom Turkey, when he struts his stuff, is sometimes called the Lord of the Spring. I hope you’ll enjoy your springtime visit today with Lord and Lady Boonie, and all their courtiers.

Come weeth me to the Casbah, and we weel make beeyooteeful museec togezhair.

“You take the blonde. I’ll take the brunette. What do you mean they’re both brunettes???”

In the words of the Old Spice Guy: “Hello, Ladies”.