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Redemption: Musical Video by Denny Jiosa

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Good news for my readers! I have a brand new Wine Tutorial in the chute, written by my friend Denny Jiosa, that is almost ready to be published, and this one has some recommendations for wines that would pair nicely with my Roast Chicken recipe. So if you’ve ever wondered what kind of wine to look for for that recipe (like I have!!!), you’ll have some wonderful suggestions. That should be coming up in the very near future (hopefully tomorrow).

But in the meantime, while you wait, I wanted to give you a taste of the talent level of my guest poster, Denny. You know that I’m married to a pro musician, and I don’t throw around my musical praise lightly. But Denny is a world class talent. Rather than list all his accomplishments, (4 Grammy nominations, etc.,), I thought I’d give you a taste of his musical abilities through his beautifully shot video, “Redemption”,  and let you judge for yourself.

In my opinion, this is gorgeous, glorious music, skillfully and soulfully played. Enjoy!

And yes, that’s him, with the scruffy face, starring in the video. 😀

Looking forward to sharing his wine advice with you tomorrow!
If you enjoyed listening to Denny’s music, leave him a nice comment here, won’t you?
I suspect he might check in for feedback. 😀