I Know Why the Caged Pie Bird Sings

Memorial Day is upon us, and Memorial Day announces the Advent of Summer. And with summer, come not only, ticks, chiggers, snakes and poison ivy, but also, the warm, sweet smell of sun-ripened peaches, slowly dribbling juice from any dent in their soft, fuzzy armor. I won a giveaway last week that was sponsored by […]

Tom Foolery

Puff Daddy. Spring continues to unfold in a somewhat ferocious fashion, here in the Boonies. We went from winter to summer in the space of about one week, back in March, reaching temperatures above 90º. Seriously, in March? That’s just wrong. And then it got cold again. And now, here we are, a teeny outpost […]

Lord and Lady Boonie Strut Their Stuff

Lord and Lady Boonie living their Wild Life in the Woods. You know it’s spring here in the Boonies when the turkeys start showing up in your “yard” on a daily basis. (Well, we CALL it a yard. But it’s not really a yard. It’s the woods.) Turkey hunting season doesn’t begin in Tennessee till […]