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All is Calm, All is Bright….Or IS IT???

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A few years ago, my husband’s dear aunt was downsizing, and she decided to give some of her treasures to us, since we had more room in our home than she would have in the apartment into which she was moving. So she gave us her lovely little porcelain Christmas village. Near that time, my girlfriend gave me an adorable set of snowmen that she picked up somewhere as a gift for me. 
It seemed only right that when we took the snowmen out of their box, that they would enjoy moving into our aunt’s little Bavarian Christmas village.
An idyllic little moment in Christmas village.

See the neighborhood children (to the left), jumping rope in the snow? They LIKE the happy snowmen.

Yes, indeed. All is calm…all is bright….


Depends on whether or not my daughter has been having any of her little conversations with the snowmen again.

(cue Psycho music)

Buildings destroyed.

 Church windows menacingly peered into.


Trees are toppled as sleigh-pulling horses flee in terror, and innocent passengers are whisked off to their doom.
Those little children who used to jump rope?
Now they lie upturned and trampled in the snow, eyes staring vacantly into the cold winter night.

All is calm…all is bright???

I think not. 

Sleep in heavenly peace….if you can.

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