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Long Overdue Thank You Note

To the alert Bible School Teacher who took me aside and told me she was worried about my four year old son, because he always ate his graham crackers in such a way as to form the shape of a “gun”, and then pretended to fire that gun? To that same woman, who scared the …

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I Was a Pinterest Pigeon

Do you use Pinterest? It’s fun, and can be quite addictive, I’m told. I’m NOT addicted to it, and due to the story I’m about to tell you, I may not ever be addicted. Because PAIN is an effective deterrent for most of us in the prevention of addictions.  And people, let me tell you: …

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What’s That Smell?

It’s funny how one thing leads to another… Remember how the other day I did a post on 5 Things? (Like Five Things that You Don’t Know About Me; and Five Things That I Know Nothing About; and Five Things I’m Knowledgeable About; and Five Things I Believe.) That topic came from Mama Kat‘s Pretty …

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5 Things

Wonder why I’m sporting a halo? Me, too. But, read on… Oy, vey. Talk about your navel gazing post. Sheesh. I only did this for you, MamaKat, because you prompted me, darn you, through your pretty much world famous Writer’s Workshop. 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me: I laugh loudly. But you can’t hear …

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Brace and Bit

As in, brace yourself: this might hurt a bit. I think I need one of those brace and bit things to rotoroot inside my sinuses. I need the power of Mr. Clean in a Neti Pot. Because all of this:  Has been filled up with THIS: Prayers for a speedy recovery would be much appreciated.

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