Long Overdue Thank You Note

To the alert Bible School Teacher who took me aside and told me she was worried about my four year old son, because he always ate his graham crackers in such a way as to form the shape of a “gun”, and then pretended to fire that gun? To that same woman, who scared the […]

Why You Shouldn’t Sit Near Stacey

  I know a girl. A sweet, wholesome, beautiful girl. Fresh faced and rosy cheeked, she has that natural kind of beauty that needs no adornment. Her soft spoken manner is accompanied by kindness, gentleness, and helpfulness. She’s the kind of girl who would make ANY mother proud. You’d never take her for someone with […]

My Scarlet Letter of Fourth Grade Shame

Time for a tale from my sordid past. As you’ll soon discover, the verdict on my fourth grade self is about to be delivered. In fourth grade, I had a teacher named Mrs. Barnabas. I’ve changed her name to protect her reputation, even though she has doubtless gone on to meet her Maker by now. […]