Birthday Boy Busted in the Boonies

February 14 may have been Valentine’s day to YOU, but to those of us in the Boonies, it is also known as Deakie Boy’s Birthday. Deacon D. Dawg turned TWELVE this year. That’s twelve in human years. But that’s eight thousand and seventy-two in doggie years. Or 84. It’s one of those. And we’re proud […]

Reverse Bucket List (or the Top Ten Things I Never Want To Do Again)

Can you smell the green stuff from here? I still can. Give my used-to-be white, yet now, strangely splotchily mint-green, turkeypoop covered dog a bath. The aroma? My dear, you have NO idea. Be stuck as an adult suffering from a lack of voice that has been stolen by a wickedly evil cough, seated in […]

I Was a Pinterest Pigeon

Do you use Pinterest? It’s fun, and can be quite addictive, I’m told. I’m NOT addicted to it, and due to the story I’m about to tell you, I may not ever be addicted. Because PAIN is an effective deterrent for most of us in the prevention of addictions.  And people, let me tell you: […]