Susan in the Boonies is Out of the Office Today

Today is Susan in the Boonies’ birthday, so she’s taking a vacation day from her Wild Life In The Woods.  I’m Lindsey, (aka the Big Bison) the Guest Birthday Poster, and I’ll attempt to hold your attention until Susan returns to her Wild Life In The Woods. Every year around our house, Susan’s birthday, January […]

Remember That Thing You Can Never Live Down?

Remember The Partridge Family? Remember little Danny Partridge?Image from here.  The title to this post was supposed to have been: “Top Ten Life Stories That I Will Never Live Down”. (You see,  I’m writing this as a response to a writing prompt given to me by MamaKat, over on Mama’s Losin’ It.) But, really, why […]

Ina Garten, Lisa Douglas, and Susan in the Boonies

The other day, my daughter was watching the old ’60’s sitcom, Green Acres, on Hulu. I was hearing bits of dialog coming from the computer where she was watching it in the other room. And may I just say,  that Oliver Douglas was very often a fairly grumpy man on that show.  Probably had nothing […]