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First off: a brief update. I didn’t win the blog contest. 🙁

But I DID want to take a moment to THANK YOU, all of you, who voted for me and expressed your support of my little dream. It was a wonderful experience in that it encouraged me to write more, and it encouraged me to step outside the Boonies and go have a look-see at some of the other blogs that are out there. And there are some WONDERFUL blogs out there! So, I am making a commitment to myself and to you to be a better reader of more blogs. If you’d like me to come take a look at yours, give me a shout out today in my comments section, OK? And I promise to come for a visit!!!

And now, on to today’s post.

If I’m your facebook friend, or your friend on one of the forums I frequent, you have been seeing me whine lately about a bird attacking our house. Now some of you have given me reasonable explanations for why this is the case: he’s attacking his reflection; he’s guarding his territory from the reflection of the male cardinal whom he perceives to be the invading interloper; my windows are too clean.

Hogwash. Or should I say bird doodoo?

This is personal.

The bird has it in for me.

He looks at me, and visions of Tippi Hedren scampering while clutching her pearls race through his tiny little bird brain.

Morning after morning, through the summer months, and all through the fall, this foul fowl has pecked at my panes until I’m positive he is bound to be concussed.

You think I exaggerate. You think I’m a whiner.

Ladies and gentlemen of the aviary jury, I present to you Exhibit A, filmed and scored by the Big Bison himself. Please take note of the changes in season evidenced by the leaves on the trees/or the lack thereof. Come witness for yourself, as the flying fiend figuratively flips me off and gives ME the bird.

The Killer Kardinal Plays Chicken.

YOU be the judge.

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