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Since it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I have a huge day of prep work in front of me today, my thoughts go to cooking, and to thankfulness, and one of the things I’m most thankful for is my adorable daughter has asked twice to help me today with the cooking preparations for tomorrow. Well, I gotta tell you, that’s music to a Mommy’s ears, or to any cook’s ears, for that matter. Good help is sooooooo hard to find, isn’t it? And making good memories in the kitchen with my kids is something this Momma longs to do.
Mother/Daughter aprons: something to be thankful for!

My dear friend Robin, she of the limitless creative skillz, created something for us that makes us just about the cutest cooking team this side of the Mississippi. And ya know, she has a little business that she operates where she is busier than one of Santa’s elves stitching these things up! Robin has the most amazing eye for fabric, and color and design, and she has lots more styles of aprons, in lots of sizes, so if the mother/daughter pair we’re modeling here isn’t your cup of tea, she has lots more! So, if you like what you see, I really want to encourage you to go to her etsy shop, and order yourself (and your daughter!) one, too. PERFECT Christmas gift to encourage your little helper to make some memories in the kitchen with you. Also the perfect Christmas gift for a best friend, or a sister, or a grandchild, or a niece…you follow my drift….She’s even making a very special one for one of my girlfriend’s husbands. And, if you’re feeling extra naughty AND nice, Mommy’s apron can be used in other rooms in the house as well, but that’s all I’m going to say about that.

They’re reversible, too!

If you don’t see something in Robin’s shop that is exactly what you’d like, special orders are her specialty. But my guess would be that if you want to special order one to receive before Christmas, you better do it quickly, because she’s gotta have time to find your fabric, and create it. I’m not going to make promises for her that she can’t keep, so you’ll need to contact her to see if your idea can still be created by Christmas. But, go check out her shop! Her work is awesome! In fact, she has inspired me to poetry:
A: they’re Adorable
P: they’re so Purtiful
R: made by Robin who is great!
O: she’s the One to see
N: for your apron Needs
S: and she’ll mail it to your State!

Put them all together they spell APRONS,
Robin’s are the very best, you see.
If you buy one, you can be her patron.
Making lovely cooking memories!

OK, apron is really hard to rhyme, so cut me some slack. I think “patron” SHOULD get me some bonus points, somehow…..

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. I’ve gotta go get busy and make some memories! Hope yours will be good ones at your house, too! We have so very much to be thankful for, don’t we?


Wednesday 24th of November 2010

"If you buy one you can be her Patron"

LOL! You are a genius with the rhyme.

I've had electricity restored for a grand total of 10 minutes and wanted to jump on here to see your fabulous post in case it goes off again. :)



Wednesday 24th of November 2010

I love my Robin-apron. Full coverage and super cute!