Since it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I have a huge day of prep work in front of me today, my thoughts go to cooking, and to thankfulness, and one of the things I’m most thankful for is my adorable daughter has asked twice to help me today with the cooking preparations for tomorrow. Well, I gotta […]

Honey Brined Grilled Turkey with Giblet Cream Gravy

This turkey recipe is a hybrid of a couple of recipes I collected at epicurious.com. They have a world of good turkey advice over there, so if you need some ideas or advice, I’d really encourage you to go over there and take a look for yourself. They’re not paying me a dime to say […]

Feel Like Giving Thanks for Some Great Recipes?

Well, read on, Pilgrim! I’ve been married for 23 years, and I have cooked 22 Thanksgiving meals pretty much all by myself during that time. My mom was a FABULOUS cook. People at our church vied to get a dinner invitation to our house. But, sadly, my mom passed away 5 months after the Big […]