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Happy 24th Anniversary to Us!

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See the happy couple? They look so happy, don’t they?

Happy, happy, happy.

You’d think they were happily celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary, wouldn’t you?

On their way to a less than happy anniversary dinner.

Well, they were. And they weren’t.

I started the day by knocking the very full Aeropress Coffee press that was perched on top of my coffee cup with my arm in such a way that the cup toppled off the counter spilling scalding hot coffee and coffee grounds all over the front of my bare leg and shattering my very favorite coffee mug, my Girl Scout Leader coffee mug, in a zillion little pieces. Leaving a splattery mess from the full cup of coffee, all the coffee grounds, and the smashed cup all over my kitchen floor and cabinets.

That was sad. And messy. And painful.

And then I drove my dear husband to town for his cardio class, and we managed to have words.

Now I’m sure none of YOU have ever had words with YOUR spouse, but for anyone who has ever managed to have a differing opinion from that of your mate, you might  be familiar with what I’m talking about.

 Locking horns with a Big Bison can be challenging, even for a hard headed Boonie Woman.


Live hard. Love hard.

For 24 years, we’ve lived as one, and I’ve never regretted that decision for one moment.

Well, maybe for ONE moment…or two….but I was probably in the midst of one of the aforementioned horn locking incidents, at the time. And for those moments, I was, doubtless, out of my mind.

He exercised. I shopped. We made up. All was well.

That night, the Bison had made a dinner reservation at a Nashville eatery that made Gwyneth Paltrow’s top 10 list of favorite restaurants in the world. We were both eager to try out the cuisine. The meal?

 Very disappointing.

This is not helping my relationship with Gwyneth, my frenemy. Not one bit.

You can read more about our not so happy anniversary dinner here, on The Fun Girls. Maybe I should have posted about it on The Maudlin Girls. Maybe that would have been better.

The BB and I re-negotiate terms every year on our anniversary. Before we got engaged, my Young Rock and Roll Bison Boyfriend had a stern talk with me over a cup of coffee at a restaurant late one night. He put me on notice that he wanted more than anything to make his living doing music. And that he’d seen many friends give up “the dream” and he was not going to be one of THOSE guys.

And then, he fell in love with me and got all starry eyed and stuff. 😀

And then, before we married, we agreed that we would once a year reevaluate on our anniversary. We would take a look at how the music thing was going. And if we weren’t both in agreement that he needed to continue in that field. then he would find a better means of making money.

For the first seven years, while I was working for Metro Schools, I was the major bread winner in the family, and these negotiations were serious stuff.

But then I got pregnant with our son, and since that time, they’ve been more like me making pitiful little whimpering noises, begging him to keep going with the music thing, so that I can stay home for one more year. And thanks to God’s gracious, faithful provision of work, that’s what I’ve been able to do.

So this year, I told him that I “guessed” he could keep on doing music. And he told me that I needed to get my butt in gear and write an Ebook.

 He said he thinks I can do an ebook in 6 months. I kept trying to wrangle an entire year’s worth of grace out of him. I came down to 9 months: how long it takes to give birth to a child. It seemed fitting. I’d be giving birth to a book, after all.

He reduced his offer to 5 months.

You see why we had words earlier in the day?

The man drives a hard bargain.

If writing some kind of ebook is like giving birth, then I’m probably verbally ovulating as we speak.

Now…to pray about it….
A topic WOULD be nice…
I’m open to your thoughts on the matter, if you have any.