How I Met My Husband

This post was written for GenFab, (short for Generation Fabulous), a group for bloggers of a certain age that provides encouragement, information and blogging tips.  GenFab sponsors a once a month Blog Hop. This month’s topic was “How I met my husband/significant other”. You can follow GenFab’s twitter hashtag at #GenFab. I get so many (absolutely […]

Susan in the Boonies is Out of the Office Today

Today is Susan in the Boonies’ birthday, so she’s taking a vacation day from her Wild Life In The Woods.  I’m Lindsey, (aka the Big Bison) the Guest Birthday Poster, and I’ll attempt to hold your attention until Susan returns to her Wild Life In The Woods. Every year around our house, Susan’s birthday, January […]

Big Bison Stampedes Through Stress Test

The man has the heart of a Bison, my husband does. He did GREAT!!! (On the stress test I told you he was going to have yesterday.) He’d want you to know all the facts and figures, because he is, as we all know, the hardest working Man in Rehab. About two weeks after heart […]