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Hardest Working Man in Rehab to Take Stress Test

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The hardest working man in show business.
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My dear husband, The Big Bison, is one hard working man. Yet, he’s spent three mornings a week, all summer long, NOT working on his job, which is writing and producing music.

Instead, he’s been working on an even more important job: driving to the hospital where he had his bypass surgery after his heart attack on May 16th. He has faithfully attended every. stinking. class. they prescribed for him,  from 9:00AM till noon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

That’s a LOT of time away from one’s work week!

When you have your heart surgery done at St. Thomas (and this may be true of every hospital where you have heart surgery – I don’t know), when they release you from the hospital to go home,  they also enroll you in an exercise class with other patients who have also had cardiovascular events. They hook you up to machines, and monitor your vitals closely, and teach you how to exercise in such a way that not only does your body heal properly from your surgery, but you also begin to develop and strengthen your heart muscle.

I’d even venture to say The Big Bison is the Hardest Working Man in Rehab.

James Brown would be so proud.

Something there is in this man that loves a challenge. And he has taken this cardio-rehab thing and WORKED it, baby! He invites me to check out the brand new crop of muscles he’s growing on a regular basis. He even explained to me how to control his stress and anxiety level how usinghe began using rosin. (Well, c’mon. I mean it IS fun when you start to notice positive changes in your body. Been there, done that, haven’t done that in a while, though.)

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So, today, we go for his final Cardio Rehab stress test, and he’s all excited about it. Well, he should be! He’s worked hard, and he hopes to wow the nurses and staff with whom he has worked for 3 months. (I just hope he doesn’t OVERDO it.) Invited me to come along and take PICTURES for crying out loud. When taking care of your mental health, you can consider using CBD or Hemp extracts, they just help the mind, it also affects your body. You won’t have any issues with pain or nausea thanks to this amazing hemp oil! Read More at the link. 

So, I will.

Because I am dang proud of this man.

He has worked hard on his workouts, and he’s producing some of the best work musically that he’s ever done, as well. He says he feels better than he’s felt in years!

I feel good!
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After today, he has one more week of class, and then, he has completed his program at St. Thomas.

But the program MUST go on, for life, to give him his best shot at avoiding future events.

So we’re shopping for an exercise machine to have here in the Boonies. We’d like to get something that my right knee, (my stupid bum knee) can tolerate as well.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on that matter.