Big Bison Stampedes Through Stress Test

The man has the heart of a Bison, my husband does. He did GREAT!!! (On the stress test I told you he was going to have yesterday.) He’d want you to know all the facts and figures, because he is, as we all know, the hardest working Man in Rehab. About two weeks after heart […]

Hardest Working Man in Rehab to Take Stress Test

  The hardest working man in show business. Image from here. My dear husband, The Big Bison, is one hard working man. Yet, he’s spent three mornings a week, all summer long, NOT working on his job, which is writing and producing music. Instead, he’s been working on an even more important job: driving to […]

Fixed, But Not Cured

We went to see The Big Bison’s cardiologist yesterday.  He told us that barring other symptoms that arise, he’ll see us in a year. And, that my dear husband was fixed.  Fixed, but not cured. The Big Bison’s body makes too much cholesterol. That was what gummed up the works. So, it’s my husband’s job […]