Hardest Working Man in Rehab to Take Stress Test

  The hardest working man in show business. Image from here. My dear husband, The Big Bison, is one hard working man. Yet, he’s spent three mornings a week, all summer long, NOT working on his job, which is writing and producing music. Instead, he’s been working on an even more important job: driving to […]

Happy 24th Anniversary to Us!

See the happy couple? They look so happy, don’t they? Happy, happy, happy. You’d think they were happily celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary, wouldn’t you? On their way to a less than happy anniversary dinner. Well, they were. And they weren’t. I started the day by knocking the very full Aeropress Coffee press that was […]

Uninvited Dinner Guest

We invited some wonderful friends over for dinner last night. After they arrived, the Big Bison’s hunting buddy asked him if he would show him the fateful spot where my husband was splitting wood the afternoon he had his heart attack. Deacon D. Dawg walked out to the wood pile with them, and, as is […]