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Here at the ROCK…

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OK, the title of today’s entry is an homage to a WONDERFUL episode of the Andy Griffith show.

Barney tells a couple of prisoners, incarcerated in the hopeless Alcatraz of a jail cell of Mayberry:

“Now, men, here at the ROCK, we have a couple of rules…The first rule is: Obey all rules….”

This relates in NO WAY AT ALL to the story I am about to relate, except for the word “rock”. Sorry about my flight of fancy….

My WONDERFUL husband, the Big Bison, has decided that it is time to pull the trigger on re-doing the counters in our kitchen.

I am SO all for that.

And granite is the way to go for us, as that is kind of the way of the ‘hood. I know this, because my dear daughter and I routinely sell Girl Scout Cookies in this neighborhood, and we have VERY nice neighbors here in the Boonies, and they always invite us in when they are ordering cookies. And nearly all of the homes in our hood are doing the granite thing.

We kind of wondered WHY the folks who built OUR home DIDN’T put granite counters in in the first place, but I think the lady who lived here originally was more into painting than she was into cooking. Know what I mean?

Anyway, we’re going to upgrade the kitchen a tad, and make it a bit nicer, so that if we EVER get out of the Boonies alive, our house will be more on par with the other houses out here.

We started to do this about a year ago, but the musical cow went dry, figuratively speaking. As in, the Big Bison’s work kind of dried up for a season, and we needed our “granite money’ to pay our living expenses.

This year, things are a bit easier, so it looks like I will be without a kitchen for about a week while the remodel is done.

So, here’s the picture of the ROCK that my dear husband and I picked out for our kitchen counters. Actually, we had to buy a couple of slabs.

This particular type of granite is called, “Scottish Meadow” (in case anyone cares) and is from Brazil. What a Scottish Meadow is doing in the middle of a Brazilian granite quarry, I certainly have no idea. (Maybe the Brazilian who ran the quarry’s name was Danny Boy. Really. No clue!)

One of my dear emaginary friends Stephanie told me that the picture, because of the little lights reflected in the rock behind me, looked like the aliens were getting ready to beam me up. All I can say to that is that (1) it was a cell phone picture and (2) if the aliens DID beam me up they wouldn’t have a CLUE what to do with me once they got me there because I am so far left of normal, it would skew all their studies of how earthlings think.



Saturday 10th of January 2009

Nice Rock!He went to Jared's, right? LOL. I can't wait to see it in person. when that will be, I cannot say however. Phooey!

Susan in the Boonies

Saturday 10th of January 2009

We haven't chosen the edging yet. I'll keep you posted, though.


Saturday 10th of January 2009

That's a beautiful rock you got there lady! Once upon a time, we girls wanted rocks on our fingers, but now the discerning girl wants it on her kitchen cupboards. It is lovely and you'll love it. What edging did you choose?

Susan in the Boonies

Saturday 10th of January 2009

Were it not for Papa, you would SO be in trouble...


Saturday 10th of January 2009

You ROCK!! So excited for you that you get a new counter top. I'm begging for one but prefer corian. ;) Happy cooking!! :)))