And They Called It Puppy Love

From the moment we eased our car down the driveway of the house that sat on the shore of Old Hickory Lake, and saw eleven white Labrador puppies lined up in a row, each standing on two legs with their paws resting on top of a short chicken wire fence, wagging their little tails at […]

Tom Foolery

Puff Daddy. Spring continues to unfold in a somewhat ferocious fashion, here in the Boonies. We went from winter to summer in the space of about one week, back in March, reaching temperatures above 90º. Seriously, in March? That’s just wrong. And then it got cold again. And now, here we are, a teeny outpost […]

Blowout in the Boonies:

Since the storms blew across many parts of our nation today, I thought I’d give you an update on how we fared in the Boonies of TN. Because it got a little exciting here. We heard that a couple of tornados had touched down in a town in the county that is just across the […]