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Pictures courtesy Boonie Baby.

 It snowed in the Boonies yesterday. It snowed with a ferocity and intensity that we, heretofore, had not yet experienced in these somewhat remote parts. Of course, it snowed across much of the continent yesterday. (Although, ironically enough, I talked to a friend who lives in what is traditionally one of the snowiest spots across these 48 contiguous states, and they got nuttin’.) And the snow didn’t exactly take down our Metrodome roof. (It’s a minor point that the Boonies HAS no Metrodome, because it has no NEED for a Metrodome. Also if we had a Metrodome, the snow just ain’t that deep.)

So no CNN headline for the Boonies in regard to the snow. But we do have a local paper where this may snow may well rate headline status. One of my favorite local headlines since we moved out here was: “Mapco Mart Gets a New Cappacino Machine!!!” It doesn’t take much to get the local residents excited, especially since so little happens out here. Then, there was the time the local headline screamed, “Town Council Meeting in One Hour!” And even though I have never attended a town council meeting, nor have I ever seen a need to attend a town council meeting, I began to wonder if I should get a move on and start scurrying around to get ready: after all, I only had one hour! Turns out, the author was commenting on the brevity of the last meeting. Huh. Whodathunk?

But today’s headline, if they printed a headline on a Monday, (which they don’t, because our paper only goes out one day a week) could well read, “Snowbound!”. For that’s what we are: well and truly stuck. My guess is that at the deepest place, there’s only about 6″ of snow, but for Middle Tennessseans, that is a righteous amount of snow. A goodly plenty, as they say. And the steep hills and deep gulches that lead to my home in the woods are going to keep us snowbound for at least a couple of days, I’d wager.

Snow Snoot.

Happily, I bought a couple of gallons of milk on Saturday when I was out, the closet is stocked with toilet paper, I baked bread yesterday, and the only thing we’re a bit short on are fresh veggies. But we have frozen veggies. So, we’re good in that department. The Big Bison has chopped and stacked wood on the front porch. The Christmas tree is up and decorated, and all in all, it’s a pretty great day to be snowed in! Maybe I can even talk the Bison into setting up the table in the living room so I can work a jigsaw puzzle in front of the fire, while the TV’s on. The natives are requesting chili for supper, which is another thing I have the ingredients for. So I grabbed some venison out of the freezer to thaw this morning, and hopefully by this afternoon, we’ll be in bidness. Chili makin’ bidness.

Pot sporting ermine stole of snow.

I have tasked my daughter and my husband with procuring me some snow shots of the Boonies, so that we can share the wonder of our snow day with my blog-readin’ buddies, so, to you, from my dear Boonie Baby and me, with love, enjoy a glimpse of being Snowbound in the Boonies.

P.S. Since no one else is entering, I guess I’ll go ahead and do the drawing on my Blog Giveaway Contest soon. It’s not like I can get to the post office, though, to mail off the prize, anytime soon.
So if you haven’t already entered, you’ve still probably got a couple of days to enter. Be watching for the winner, to be announced as soon as I can get to the post office!!!!!!!!!

Snowy view from porch.

Cory & Kris Thed

Thursday 16th of December 2010

Nice pictures. Thanks so much for your visits to my blog and taking the time to comment-I really appreciate it. Send some of that snow to Western Michigan. We last spent Christmas in the USA 4 years ago and did not have snow. Our 9 year old does not remember a white Christmas and will be really depressed if she misses it this year after 2 years of praying.


Wednesday 15th of December 2010

Hey Susan, thanks for your comments yesterday!We had a major dumping of snow earlier ths week, about 2ft, and we're due for more today. I am no a fan of winter, generally speaking, unless I'm sitting in front of the fire and watching the snow fall outside.


Tuesday 14th of December 2010

That's some snow. Enjoy being snowed in with your chili (I'm sure it is yummy) and your puzzle. Sounds so delightful.c

Susan in the Boonies

Tuesday 14th of December 2010

Thanks, Pearl! The feeling's mutual, I'm shu-ah! (spoken with the exact same inflection as the blonde dancer that Danny Kay procured for Bing Crosby in White Christmas.


Tuesday 14th of December 2010

I really enjoy how you write. :-)Pearl