A Dozen Eggs, and Independence Day

I sent my dear husband, the Big Bison, out this morning for a dozen eggs. Look what he came back with. In his defense, there are 12 in a box. A dozen, right? In case you don’t recognize what you’re looking at, that is a box of firecrackers. Does this make it any clearer? No? […]

Storm O’er the Boonies

Seriously. You know that big storm system that blew across the US recently? On Monday afternoon, it passed through our area. The lightning strikes started popping like popcorn while I was on the phone with my friend, Anne. I had just mentioned to her that things were starting to get dicey, and I might need […]

You Don’t Know Jack.

First: there was this Jack. My dear husband, the Big Bison, and I went through an addiction to the show “24”. Jack was always there, to save the day. No matter how dark or evil the terrorist, no matter how dear the cost to himself personally,  Jack was a hero on whom America could depend. […]