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New CommentLuv System: What’s in it for YOU

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My daughter’s 7th grade art object collage: Bill Gates. This SHOULD have been his avatar.

I guess he really IS made out of money.

Will the REAL Bill Gates please give me a million dollars?

I have installed a new commenting system thingy that many of you helped me play with yesterday.

I think I’m really going to like it.

But even more important than that, I think YOU’RE really going to like it.

Let me tell you the advantages for you.

The biggest one is that if you are a blogger, and you enter your blog’s web address, that is, your URL, underneath your comment, your last post title will automatically show up. This can be a real bonus for you, in that, if you make a clever or witty or intelligent comment, people notice. They think: who IS that intelligent/witty/clevah person? And then they click on the link under your name, and traffic gets driven your way. See? So, by all means, enter your URL if you have a blog.

The other thing is, you’ll notice that some of us have pictures/avatars that pop up beside our comments.

Have you ever wanted a picture to pop up beside YOUR comment? (It does help you gain recognition, if you’re into that kind of thing.) There’s this thing called a Gravatar, and once you register with them, and download a picture, it will show up any time you use that email address, on lots and lots of sites, all over the internet. So if you already have a gravatar registered, and you used the email address associated with it, your picture probably popped up.

 Or, you can simply add an avatar to this account, which is through “Intense Debate”, and that should allow your picture to pop up as well.

But the thing I’m excited about is the opportunity to reply directly to comments, and have my reply show up right underneath that comment. That makes this blog’s comment section much more interactive; more like a dialog.

Also, if someone else reads your comments and likes what you said, or disagrees with what you said, they can reply right underneath your comment, and unless I’m mistaken, I think you get email notification that someone replied to you. Is that right? Did any of you get “reply notifications” in your email yesterday? (That’s what I get, and I believe it’s the same for you.)

Also, there are smiley face emoticons that you can access if you click on the smiley face at the top right of your reply box. Which is kinda fun. If you are smilily inclined. 😀

One thing I DON’T know, but am curious about: When you come back to visit again, does the system recognize you when you go to leave a comment on your next visit? Or do you need to type in a url all over again?

Please let me know how that works for you, especially if it’s your second time to leave a comment since I installed the new system yesterday.

My friend Yvonne tried to comment yesterday from her phone, and couldn’t, so I’m pretty bummed about that. But since I don’t have one of those awesome phones, I have no help to offer her, sadly! Has anyone else used YOUR phone and successfully left a comment?

So download an avatar if you feel like it, or register for a gravatar if you don’t have one but want one, and I think you’ll like this little system even better. And your gravatar will be with you wherever you go. Amen.

And seriously, don’t you think Bill Gates would like my daughter’s art project? Especially for his very own gravatar? Turkey feather on top for the hair, coins for eyes, mouse for a nose, and a buck for a mouth. Pretty symbolic, eh?


Wednesday 4th of February 2015

Wow, I love your daughter's Bill Gates! Spot on :) My recent post Coffee Grinders 101 (Like Psych 101 Only Useful)