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Tips for Parents of High School Seniors

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My son is a senior in high school.


Before you know it, he’ll be movin’ on down the line.

I bet I’m not the only Mom of a high school senior sitting here scratching her head, wondering how in the world THIS happened!

I’ve been living in denial in quite a while, and while De Nile is a lovely place, it really doesn’t do much for you in the way of actually helping you to take care of the business of life that must be attended to.

As the Mom of a homeschooler, we have a bit more flexibility in some areas, but, really, if your kid is thinking about attending college, there are certain things that must be done to make that happen, whether you do public school, private school, or homeschool.

Lots of you have NOT been living in denial, and have long ago dotted your “i”s, and crossed your “t”s, and my hat is off to you. You took care of a lot of this stuff in your student’s JUNIOR year, and you can just sit back and smile pityingly at grasshoppers like me who have played the whole summer long, while ants like yourself have storehouses full of supplies to last you all winter through.

Grasshoppers have more fun. Just sayin’.

But for those of you who are more ants by nature, and have a child in his/her junior year, this list might be helpful to you.

And the rest of us grasshoppers can profit by looking over this list to see what we already HAVE accomplished, and to take note of what yet needs to be done.

I’ve known about most of this stuff for a while, but this article from US News that the Big Bison emailed to me, entitled “Eight Things High School Seniors Need to Do Now”  sums it up nicely, and gives me a list where I can check off things as he/we accomplish them.

For those who are curious about my link, but unlikely to click over, here’s a BRIEF summary of the article. But I encourage you to click over there to read what the author has to say. Hopefully, she’ll answer any questions that might arise as you scan my summary.

Here are the headlines from her checklist:

  1. Meet college reps.
  2. Visit schools
  3. Get organized (she means use a calendar and label key dates).
  4. Retake the ACT or SAT.
  5. Get a financial aid pre-read.
  6. Write your college essay.
  7. Ask for recommendations.
  8. Whittle down your list of schools and start applying.

Hope this is helpful to some of you!

What tips do you have for me as we begin this final year of school?


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