Reverse Bucket List (or the Top Ten Things I Never Want To Do Again)

Can you smell the green stuff from here? I still can. Give my used-to-be white, yet now, strangely splotchily mint-green, turkeypoop covered dog a bath. The aroma? My dear, you have NO idea. Be stuck as an adult suffering from a lack of voice that has been stolen by a wickedly evil cough, seated in […]

I Was a Pinterest Pigeon

Do you use Pinterest? It’s fun, and can be quite addictive, I’m told. I’m NOT addicted to it, and due to the story I’m about to tell you, I may not ever be addicted. Because PAIN is an effective deterrent for most of us in the prevention of addictions.  And people, let me tell you: […]

Remember That Thing You Can Never Live Down?

Remember The Partridge Family? Remember little Danny Partridge?Image from here.  The title to this post was supposed to have been: “Top Ten Life Stories That I Will Never Live Down”. (You see,  I’m writing this as a response to a writing prompt given to me by MamaKat, over on Mama’s Losin’ It.) But, really, why […]