O Death, Where is Thy Victory?

It was a hard, hard day. We had a hard day today. The other night, after a very stormy day, our electric fence alarm started screaming, indicating that somewhere around the perimeter the dog fence line might be broken. We unplugged the fence to silence the alarm, since it was late at night, and then, […]

My Scarlet Letter of Fourth Grade Shame

Time for a tale from my sordid past. As you’ll soon discover, the verdict on my fourth grade self is about to be delivered. In fourth grade, I had a teacher named Mrs. Barnabas. I’ve changed her name to protect her reputation, even though she has doubtless gone on to meet her Maker by now. […]

Blowout in the Boonies:

Since the storms blew across many parts of our nation today, I thought I’d give you an update on how we fared in the Boonies of TN. Because it got a little exciting here. We heard that a couple of tornados had touched down in a town in the county that is just across the […]