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And Keeping It Stupid…

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You know,  in my last post, I kept it real.  Despite the fact that in general, in life, I usually exercise better judgment, today, I’m staying with the theme: I’m keeping it stupid.

And being the fashion maven that I am (not), I thought I’d mention that the morning after I posted that I FINALLY got my hair re-highlighted, Lara Spencer announced on Good Morning America that dark roots are all the rage now, being sported by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Jennifer Anniston, and (she didn’t mention this person, but I took note of it myself the previous day while watching the Food Network), Giada de Laurentiis.

And here I thought I was just too poor to afford an appointment. Little did I know that I had been a fashion forward trendsetter. Who, then, blew it.

Story of MY LIFE!

But, at least, you, my friends, can benefit from my mistake, and feel 100% AWESOME about any dark roots you may be sporting. You’re not tardy! You’re a FASHIONISTA!!!

So, to continue my pattern of exercising extremely poor judgment, I thought I’d share this little photo with you, snapped on my trip to North Carolina to visit family last weekend, at a barbecue joint in the Smoky Mountains. Their barbecue was just OK, but the name of their restaurant was mighty fine. They are nestled in beautiful Maggie Valley, North Carolina, on the banks of (surprise, surprise) a creek. It was a lovely little venue: wish the food had been as outstanding as the beauty of the place where the restaurant is located. Butt their sign just BEGS for a photo, don’t you think? And being the idiots we are, we obliged.

My husband encouraged me to “stick it out”. How’d I do?

I get, really, I do, how very large I look. But…if I worry about a little thing like self-respect, how could YOU be amused?

I do it all for you!

So, here we are, stopping by a tourist trap that has tempted us for years, and showing our butts on the creek.


Name your favorite tourist trap, while we’re on the subject…