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Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?

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(I borrowed the title for this post from a line from: “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”,  a poem by T. S. Eliot)

My baby boy hadn’t eaten a huge variety of solid foods at all when these pictures were taken. He’d been nursed for quite a while, and then gradually switched over to solid foods, but the sweetness of a summer peach, fresh off the tree, had never been revealed to him up until this point in his brief life.

 Our good friend, Uncle Robbie, owned a recording studio at the time, called The Orchard. It had been named for the apple and peach trees on the property that he had purchased for his recording studio. Those were halcyon days, full of the melodies of tunes written that had earned respectable sums of money, and the promise of more to come.

Our future looked bright, and the fruit on the trees of The Orchard was ripe, and my Daddy was still alive, and we were full of joy, and hope, and optimism, and the proud parents of an adorable baby boy.

The first, sweet taste, from his Papa, and my Daddy.

That bite of peach that my boy took from his Papa? His first bite ever. Hence, the somewhat tentative look on his face.

See the juice, dripping off his chin, as his Daddy feeds him?

But that first tentative bite from his his Papa, led to many, many more bites of glorious, fully-ripened, peach-greed.  The juice of that warm, sweet peach spilled down our arms and onto his blankie, below. Can you feel the joy spilling out of the photo? From both the boy, in the taste of the peach, and from the father, in the savoring of the pleasure of the moment?

The boy dared to eat, and his Daddy and I ate the moment, and we both enjoyed it with every ounce of joy that he did.

The summer of parenting of that boy while he’s still in our home is ending. The fall of the portion of our parenting journey, where we have that sweet baby boy still in our home, has begun.

 I’m a little verklempt by the whole thought.

Do I dare to eat THIS peach?

Parenting has seasons.

Life has seasons.

It can be hard to be In The Moment.

But I believe, nevertheless, that it is critical to be in the moment that Life hands you.

Are you aware? Are you paying attention?

How do you find YOUR peach to be?