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Hey, Y’all, I Got Nominated, Again

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I got nominated. Me, and  EIGHT MILLION OTHER PEOPLE, for the Homeschool Blog Awards.
 I was nominated, again, for Best Encourager. This is a fact that you may well find somewhat ironic by the end of this post.
I’m in the same category as Ann Voskamp.
You can knock it off with the ear-splitting, gut-shaking howls of laughter that you’re emitting, just at any point, now.
I’m a HUGE Ann Voskamp fan, now that I’ve read her book 1000 Gifts, so, I’d have to agree, you might just as well just head on over there and vote for her.
But it was sweet of my Mom to nominate me.
OK, she’s dead, so it wasn’t her, but it might as well have been. 
Some people just love you too much for your own good, and you know who you are, Nota, my dear.
But anyway, if you want to vote for Ann Voskamp, or for any other of the 8 million nominees in my category of Best Encourager, or, even for me (I’m the third from the bottom of the list, because that’s what you do – in all fairness – with a blog that starts with a W), here’s the link to go vote.
Here’s a link to the rules and procedures,  but I think if you click on the dot, and then go click the Vote button at the bottom, your vote will register. If you click on the blog titles, it will take you to that blog, so you can enjoy lots and lots of encouragement before you make your choice. 
Also, in other completely unrelated news, next year I’m changing my blog’s name to:
 *AAAA Top Quality, Uber Encouraging, Wild Life in the Woods*. 

It’s just a little whim of mine.