Au Gratin Potatoes with Cheddar Stout Sauce

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Au Gratin Potatoes with Cheddar Stout Sauce: These Au Gratin Potatoes are the perfect side dish for any family gathering: easy, delicious satisfying, comfort food.

The Best Au Gratin Potatoes I’ve ever made!

I am a member of the Cabot Cheese Board – a proud and happy member, at that, and the recipe I’m sharing today for Au Gratin Potatoes came from them. Every once in a while, they send me cheese in the mail. Recently, they sent me a copy of their brand new cookbook. They told me that if I wanted to do a giveaway of their cookbook on my blog, that they would supply the winner of my giveaway with a cookbook and a gift box of cheese. (Apart from that, I have received no compensation for this post…and…as ALWAYS…all opinions are my own.)

But here’s the deal: I love Cabot Cheese. 
I love sharing good things with my friends.
Hence, this post.

Normally, I share a complete recipe when I write a post, but in this instance, they asked me to link you to  the recipe on their website. For the sake of someone winning the cookbook, and a box of Cabot Cheddar, I”m down with that. 

I did tinker with their recipe just a touch, when I tried it. I had put too much of my cheddar into the sauce I made and hadn’t left enough to top the potatoes, so I opened my cheese drawer, and found a LOVELY package of Gruyère. (Cabot makes a cheddar, by the way, called Alpine Cheddar, that reminds me a lot of Gruyère. So, if I were to prepare this again, I’d probably plan on topping it with their Alpine Cheddar, because I adore that nutty flavor!)

And while their recipe calls for a type of beer called a Stout, all we had was a dark Porter, so, I used that. It was delicious. 

A simple click on the following link will take you to the entire recipe, on the Cabot website. 
Echo Farm’s Au Gratin Potatoes with Cheddar-Stout Sauce

But don’t leave here before you  leave me a comment on this post. If you leave a comment, you’ll be entered for a  chance to win your own copy  of Cabot’s new cookbook, and a gift box of Cabot Cheese for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good cookbook!

Cookbooks hold a world of possibilities and potential dreams. When I open one, for that moment, at least,  I am the master of my fate (and my family’s fate) and I get to choose what gifts of goodness it might please me to bestow upon those I love. Good food IS a gift of love – it’s a gift that we can use to bring joy and comfort into the lives of those we care about.

Au Gratin Potatoes are the perfect side dish for any family gathering: easy, delicious satisfying, comfort food.

Au Gratin Potatoes are the perfect side dish for any family gathering: easy, delicious satisfying, comfort food.

And if this recipe is any measure of the quality of the rest of the recipes contained in that cookbook, it’s a cookbook you’ll really enjoy owning, and using. At Cabot, they describe it as being filled with simple, wholesome dishes from America’s best dairy farms.



So, to leave me a comment, and be entered to win Cabot’s cookbook, and a lovely gift box of cheese, just answer this question: 

What’s your favorite cookbook?

(THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED, and the winner has been notified. Thanks to all who entered!)


  1. That looks sooooo good! I am a cookbook hoarder – would love to add to my collection 🙂
    My recent post It must be true. I read it online.

  2. Cheese and cook book, I am in!
    My recent post A Conversation with My Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

  3. My step mother made me a family recipe cook book when I left home. Lots of great memories packed in there. Of course it calls for Tillamook cheese 😉

  4. Martha Franco says

    Did someone mention CHEESE??? I'm IN!!!
    I'm a cookbook junkie! I read them for pleasure!

  5. We love and buy Cabot cheese. I especially like some of their specialty aged cheddar cheeses. I even mentioned their Pepper Jack in our cookbook. 🙂 Anyway, choosing a favorite cookbook is tough, but until Southern Heat comes out in November, I guess I'll say any of Ina Garten's books. In particular, the earlier ones.
    My recent post Gulf Coast Seafood Tour – New Orleans, LA to Biloxi, MS

  6. Kelly Leonard says

    My favorite cookbook? I can't pick just one. I love trying new recipes and browsing blogs is my favorite way to find new things right now.

  7. Candace Karu says

    I'm not eligible to win, but I just had to chime in to say hi and thank you for your enthusiastic support of the farm families who own Cabot. Good luck, everyone…it's a great cookbook and they don't call it The World's Best Cheddar for nothing!

  8. Diane Barlow says

    Believe it or not we just got back from the grocery with White Oak Cheddar and Farmhouse Reserve. Two of John's favourites. I have a 35 year old Canadian Living Cookbook that has been an old friend to me throughout my attempt to master the art of cooking. It's like the old department stores with everything you need in one place. I still turn to those well worn pages to get my good basic recipes. Then I fiddle with it and put my spin on it and sometimes I turn out good stuff. Sometimes I just don't. But John always eats it cause he's a good man.

  9. A whole cookbook of cheese recipes? Yum! Hard to pick a favorite, love the New Basics and a couple of Mennonite cookbooks.

  10. My favorite cookbook? Probably a Williams Sonoma one that is called Desserts. 🙂

  11. VeiaLeigh says

    Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. I just love her.

  12. Rena McDaniel says

    That looks delicious and I am going to check it out after I leave here. I have only tried their cheese once and I loved it. I bought some of their Sharp Cheddar and my recipe turned out fabulous. I would love try out even more but we don't have much of a selection of it. Hope I win!

  13. Cheese?! I'm in! (This recipe looks divine, by the way. I also noticed a winter squash gratin recipe on their site that I may have to try even though it's spring already).
    Favorite cookbook? It would probably have to be my trusty standby Betty Crocker that's been on my shelf for 25 years. I refer to it when I need a reliable basic recipe.

  14. We love Cabot cheeses. And potatoes too? Yummy!

  15. ztpnewsletter says

    Don't hate me, but recently I am getting most of my new recipes from Pinterest! I still want cheese!!!!

  16. favorite cookbook? My Rachel Ray books, river Road Recipes by the JuniorLeague ofBaton Rouge, The Cat Who… Cookbook. My go to reference is The Joy of Cooking.

  17. Nothing beats "The Joy of Cooking" for consistency and basic information for every cook! But Cabit Cheese and a Cabit cookbook….ooooohhhhh I hope I win!

  18. Definitely have to try this recipe. Love Cabot cheese & thanks for posting this opportunity to win the cookbook!

  19. I love all cheeses. A cookbook filled with cheese recipes would be great.

  20. Hard to pick a favorite! I have a cookbook with all chocolate recipes, so I think that’s my favorite!

  21. That recipe looks divine! My husband and I are now big fans of Cabot cheese, after trying it thanks to BAMC! Lactose-free, baby!! Anyway my favorite cookbook would have to be the collection of recipes my Mom and Dad gave me. Esp. since I’m so far away from home, those recipes really bring me back to my Filipino roots and they make it possible for me to do the same for my son who is of course completely American/ized. Thanks for sharing this, Susan! xoxo

  22. Angela Roberts says

    Cheese please. I'm down with winning! (cause I need the fat) Just kidding. We LOVE cheese around here. Grilled cheese with peach jam. Yum. (Hey susan, if you like vintage stuff I have a country living fair give away going on right now)

  23. I actually printed my own cookbook. We had a family reunion and I asked for old family recipes. Not surprisingly most had cheese.

  24. My favorite cookbook is…Pinterest! I can't recall the last time I actually used a cookbook but I always get tons of inspiration from pinterest! And next to break this family LOVES cheese! LOL
    My recent post Why did MY daughter have to get Vitiligo?

  25. rachaelannclark says

    We're so glad that the recipe came out well! We love the book too, and we are excited for one of your lucky readers!!! ~Rachael @Cabot Creamery

  26. I like the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks.

  27. My wife got a cookbook for Christmas that has recipes for "classic snacks". It has Twinkies and other such treats. We have made several different things.

  28. I have to agree with the above commenter — Pinterest is my favorite cookbook, too!
    Other cookbooks I like are the America's Most Wanted Recipe series.

  29. I love Cabot cheese, we put together our own cookbook with recipes we have found from all other places and family.

  30. Christi P. says

    My favorite cookbook is an old family reunion cookbook. I confess that I've only ever made a few of the recipes. But, if I ever have a hankering for a marshmallow salad, I know where to turn! (Psst. I'll take cheese over marshmallows any day of the week!

  31. Favorite cookbook?? Oh my, well…not sure I can name just one. 😉 OK, I'll narrow it down to two- the America's Test Kitchen: Complete Recipes from the First 10 Seasons and the good ol' Betty Crocker Cookbook (which, besides watching my mother in the kitchen) taught me how to cook.

  32. Michelle Smiles says

    My most recent cookbook purchase was skinnytaste (and it is fabulous) but a cheese cookbook sounds yummy! Everything in moderation 🙂

  33. susitravl says

    My favorite is the 1996 Taste of Home Annual Recipes – I make something from that book almost every week.

  34. I would have to agree! My current favorite cookbook is Pinterest for sure. And other recipe sites too. I still love having my print cookbooks around thought too. I have several I still refer too. I love this potatoe dish too. Making me hungry!
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