Au Gratin Potatoes with Cheddar Stout Sauce

Au Gratin Potatoes with Cheddar Stout Sauce: These Au Gratin Potatoes are the perfect side dish for any family gathering: easy, delicious satisfying, comfort food.

The Best Au Gratin Potatoes I’ve ever made!

I am a member of the Cabot Cheese Board – a proud and happy member, at that, and the recipe I’m sharing today for Au Gratin Potatoes came from them. Every once in a while, they send me cheese in the mail. Recently, they sent me a copy of their brand new cookbook. They told me that if I wanted to do a giveaway of their cookbook on my blog, that they would supply the winner of my giveaway with a cookbook and a gift box of cheese. (Apart from that, I have received no compensation for this post…and…as ALWAYS…all opinions are my own.)

But here’s the deal: I love Cabot Cheese. 
I love sharing good things with my friends.
Hence, this post.

Normally, I share a complete recipe when I write a post, but in this instance, they asked me to link you to  the recipe on their website. For the sake of someone winning the cookbook, and a box of Cabot Cheddar, I”m down with that. 

I did tinker with their recipe just a touch, when I tried it. I had put too much of my cheddar into the sauce I made and hadn’t left enough to top the potatoes, so I opened my cheese drawer, and found a LOVELY package of Gruyère. (Cabot makes a cheddar, by the way, called Alpine Cheddar, that reminds me a lot of Gruyère. So, if I were to prepare this again, I’d probably plan on topping it with their Alpine Cheddar, because I adore that nutty flavor!)

And while their recipe calls for a type of beer called a Stout, all we had was a dark Porter, so, I used that. It was delicious. 

A simple click on the following link will take you to the entire recipe, on the Cabot website. 
Echo Farm’s Au Gratin Potatoes with Cheddar-Stout Sauce

But don’t leave here before you  leave me a comment on this post. If you leave a comment, you’ll be entered for a  chance to win your own copy  of Cabot’s new cookbook, and a gift box of Cabot Cheese for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good cookbook!

Cookbooks hold a world of possibilities and potential dreams. When I open one, for that moment, at least,  I am the master of my fate (and my family’s fate) and I get to choose what gifts of goodness it might please me to bestow upon those I love. Good food IS a gift of love – it’s a gift that we can use to bring joy and comfort into the lives of those we care about.

Au Gratin Potatoes are the perfect side dish for any family gathering: easy, delicious satisfying, comfort food.

Au Gratin Potatoes are the perfect side dish for any family gathering: easy, delicious satisfying, comfort food.

And if this recipe is any measure of the quality of the rest of the recipes contained in that cookbook, it’s a cookbook you’ll really enjoy owning, and using. At Cabot, they describe it as being filled with simple, wholesome dishes from America’s best dairy farms.



So, to leave me a comment, and be entered to win Cabot’s cookbook, and a lovely gift box of cheese, just answer this question: 

What’s your favorite cookbook?

(THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED, and the winner has been notified. Thanks to all who entered!)

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