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Affordable, Delicious Wines for Holiday Parties from Trader Joe’s

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 Looking for some wines for holiday parties? The holidays are a great excuse to get together with family and friends. A glass of good wine makes things that much more merry and bright.


One of my favorite appetizers to serve at a party with wine: it’s a Goat Cheese Log that’s been topped with Chopped Sun Dried Tomatoes, Minced Garlic and Olive Oil. We spread it on toasted baguette slices.


However, having guests in greater numbers makes most of us a little more cost-conscious. Haven’t we all been to parties where the wines were anything but memorable? Nobody wants to drink wine that TASTES cheap.

And then, there’s the intimidation factor, because there’s a whole mystique around selecting good wines. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into the wine section, and feel confident that you’re making a good choice?

This may come as a surprise, but buying more affordable wine doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up with wines that are inferior in taste. There really are some delicious AND affordable options out there, and the ones I’m sharing with you today can be found at your nearest Trader Joe’s. 

I’ve invited my friend Denny Jiosa of Jiosavino, who is our go-to guy for finding delectable wine,  to suggest four wines for holiday parties that you can find at Trader Joe’s. We got together to try these wines, and I can assure you that his selections were absolutely delightful.

Without further ado, except for perhaps an occasional editorial comment, here’s Denny! 

Wines for Holiday Parties From TRADER JOE’S!

The wines listed here are great , affordable, and delicious wines.  They’re sure to please your guests and they won’t require you to take out a loan, to serve them at your holiday party, which you can decorate with great chair covers anyone can find online.


Trentatre Rosso

EDITOR’S CAPTION: Trentatre Rosso: This is the age that Denny is not.

Full bodied and lush, with a classy label, this wine is a definite crowd pleaser from Apulia, Southern Italy! A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Montepulciano, it is smooth and delicious.

You’ll taste intense plum and dark cherry fruit covered in milk chocolate. Aged six months in oak, it delivers soft tannins and a long finish! Enjoy with or without food! A great value for $6.99


Pago Lencia

EDITOR’S CAPTION: Pago Lencia. This photo was taken by Denny out on his patio, during one of his solitary drinking sessions  wine tastings, with his iPhone. We’re lucky it’s in focus. His eyes, no doubt, weren’t.

This gem is 100% Tempranillo from Spain. A “Riserva”, it has been aged for up to 2 years in the barrel and a year in the bottle. Pago delivers full bodied intense fruits of blackberry and cherry. The barrel is definitely apparent in a good way , (provided you like oak) and adds a hit of vanilla. This drinks like a more expensive wine than it is, and will certainly impress more experienced wine lovers. One of my favorite “daily drinkers” at only $6.99!

Editor’s Note: Hang On To Your Hats. Denny Has FINALLY Chosen a White Wine.



EDITOR’S CAPTION: Did you think *Denny* could make this luscious Goat Cheese Log topped with Garlic, Sundried Tomatoes and Olive Oil? Well, bless your heart!

Every party should have a delicious white wine available as some folks just prefer them. (Editor’s Note: I MADE him choose one.) This is the one! A true crowd please from France consisting of Viognier, Roussanne ,Marsanne. You’ll taste lovely flavors of peaches, citrus,  and floral hints. This wine is nicely balanced and so easy to drink! Even a red wine lover will appreciate this beauty. Enjoy for $7.99!

And now for the star of the show…


Amarone Della Valpolicella

EDITOR’S NOTE: OK, I have nothing disrespectful to say of this wine, or of Denny, in regard to this wine. This one’s truly a gem. Look for it!

This wine is from Valpolicella, Italy ( Veneto area) and is 65% Corvina, 25% Rondinella, 5% Corvinone and 5% Negrara.

An AMARONE is made in the style of appassimento, which means drying the grapes for 3 months on wooden racks before pressing them. It is then placed in steel tanks where malolactic fermentation takes place, and from there, it ages in small oak barrels for 18-20 months.

This of course delivers a luscious, full bodied, smooth, wine!

Like velvet on your palate…you’ll detect flavors of raisin, plum, blackberries, cherry, coffee, and vanilla! As it opens, it expands to pure ecstasy on your palate . This is a complex and impressive wine for $21.99! (other retailers are selling this type of wine for twice the price).


My thanks to Denny for curating this list of most excellent, delicious, and affordable wines for us. Denny and I both hope this list will make your holiday party that much more delicious! 

After the abuse I’ve dished out on Denny’s head, you’ll likely never hear from him again on this blog. But I encourage you to follow him on Jiosavino, where he makes wonderful wine recommendations. He also occasionally hosts wine events, so you’ll want to keep your eyes out to attend one of those. 

Just in case you haven’t seen any of the other posts Denny has written with me, he is also a Grammy nominated Jazz Guitarist, and be sure to check out his music on his other Facebook page. 

4 Delicious and Affordable Wines at Trader Joe's

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