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Where to Find Great Quality Prime Beef

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Where do you find wonderful, high quality PRIME beef? The super markets are full of choice grade beef, but buying Prime grade is a lot trickier, since most of it is already sourced out to restaurants and steak houses, in particular.

Perfectly grilled dry-aged Prime Beef Strip Steak.

I KNOW this picture is making your mouth water, because it’s making MY mouth water. Behold, the perfectly grilled dry-aged Prime Beef Strip Steak. 

A while back, I wrote a post about how you can get that Expensive Steak House Taste at a Fraction of the Price , yourself, at home, if you have champagne tastes and a malt liquor budget. It’s a good post, and a method we still use, to bring out the very best in meats that are Choice Grade.  However, Christmas is approaching, and it’s normal at the holidays to want to serve the very best that you can.

For many of us, that means beef. For my family, it means a bone-in Prime Rib Roast. So as the holidays approach, there’s that niggling thought in the back of my mind that I need to order a rib roast.

But where can one find that most excellent grade: PRIME beef? You know. The kind that melts in your mouth like buttah. The kind that is very hard to find, since the restaurants and steak houses have already snagged all the good Prime Beef. 

Snake River Farms Has AMAZING Beef and Pork

Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch are premium brands from Agri Beef. Agri Beef is a family owned company with over 50 years of experience in the beef business, from start, to finish. They take pride in doing what’s right for the animals, for our environment, and for their customers. It’s a company you can feel good about buying from. They specialize in American Wagyu, and Kurobuta Pork. They offer choice and prime cuts, and even specialize in dry aging.  Because we know first hand what dry-aging does for both the flavor and the texture of beef, we were eager to try one of their dry-aged steaks. We went with one of the better deals, the day we were ordering, Bone-in Strip Steak. 

steak in package

Here’s what she looked like, fresh out of the box.

Dry Aged Steak Being Salted

My husband’s technique for grilling a steak is simple: spread the steak with some melted, clarified butter, and season liberally with salt and pepper.

Dry Aged Steak on the Kamado Joe

Once he has seasoned the steak, he puts it on a Kamado Joe grill that he’s blasted up to 600º or so. He is searing that puppy, and it ends up having such a lovely crust. But he only grills it to about 115º internally, because it keeps on cooking after we get it off the grill and allow it to rest. And we like our meat medium rare. 

Dry Aged Prime Strip Steak Sliced on Cutting Board

The holidays approach. Lots of are planning on ordering a holiday roast. But where can I find PRIME beef? The kind that melts in your mouth like buttah. Please Pin this on Pinterest, won’t you?

Snake River Farms Discount

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the person who already has everything, Snake River Farms has a deal. To save 10% off of their featured items,  use the code .But you better hurry up and order now to get that deal.

Personally, I would gift these to MYSELF! But if you have a business client or a friend or a family member that you want to wow, a gift of Prime Beef from Snake River Farms would show how highly you value them, and give them meals they’ll NEVER forget. 

Then, while you’re there, I’d take a good look at their American Wagyu Steaks and their American Wagyu Roasts. Get that Christmas Dinner ordered NOW, and check that off your list!  In regard to deals, be sure to click around their SALE section. I did recently, and I saw some gorgeous hams on sale. So if ham is more your family’s thing than beef, well, don’t say I didn’t mention it.