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Wine and Cheese Pairing Chart

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300x600 W&C

Want to learn how to pair your cheese with the perfect wine? Read on!

Want to learn how to pair various types of wines with your favorite cheeses? This wine and cheese pairing chart will make your job a whole lot easier!

Read on!

My love of cheese knows no bounds!  And summer grilling season is a perfect time to start the meal with a casual appetizer. What could be more effortless than putting together a cheese platter? Find a cheese (or a few cheeses) that you love, break out the crackers or a crusty loaf of bread, and take advantage of the glorious cherries and grapes that are in season right now! Voilà! Beautiful and delicious appetizer, done!

Cabot Garlic & Herb Cheese, with fresh cherries, grapes & crackers

Cabot Garlic & Herb Cheese, with fresh cherries, grapes, and crackers.

 But the question that arises once you’ve decided on a cheese platter, is “What wine would enhance this particular cheese?” And while it can be challenging to find the perfect wine variety to go with a particular cheese, it is so worth the effort!

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As you may know, I’m a member of the Cabot Cheese Board, which means that from time to time, they send me some of their newer varieties to sample. I’d been saving this particular cheese, Garlic and Herb, thinking that I needed to figure out the perfect bottle of wine to go with it, when I learned that Cabot has a new Wine and Cheese Pairing Chart, that helps you choose the perfect grape variety. The chart recommends a Merlot for a Garlic and Herb cheese. Once I knew that, I relied on the recommendation of my friend Denny Jiosa, whose wine palate I trust, to help me pick the perfect bottle of Merlot.

600 x 360 W&C1

We chose a Napa merlot from 2008, called Bonedance. Delcious!

It was an absolutely perfect pairing. So, I am keeping this chart bookmarked, so that I’ll know where to find it. And then, I got to thinking that my friends who read my blog might enjoy knowing that this information is available. So, here it is! Click the link to see the

Wine and Cheese Pairing Chart
Presented By Cabot Creamery
We started our search with a cheese we had, and went looking for a wine to go with it. But clearly, if you have a bottle of wine that you know you love, it would be just as easy to start with the wine, and choose a cheese that will enhance your favorite bottle of wine.

Cabot provides me with cheese from time to time, with no expectation that I will blog about it. But when I learn about a good thing, or helpful information, I like to share it with my friends. This would be a great post to pin on Pinterest, so that you know where to go back and look for it!



Doreen McGettigan

Thursday 3rd of July 2014

Thank you so much for sharing. I want to tey every combo.

Jenny Smith

Thursday 3rd of July 2014

I love this chart!! If I could only find a wine/cheese/chocolate pairing chart, I'd never eat anything else for the rest of my life!

Kim @ CoziNest

Thursday 3rd of July 2014

This is a wonderful post! My family just returned from Italy where we toured wineries with a sommelier and cheese taster. I've wanted a list like this since our return. Thanks!!!! My recent post Agriturismo Petrognano in Toscana, Italy

Carol Cassara

Thursday 3rd of July 2014

Cheese is always my go-to appetizer. It's not only easy but a variety of cheeses make for delicious party fare. My recent post Perfect time


Thursday 3rd of July 2014

I always wonder about that, but of course, they don't mention my favorite Italian cheeses. Pinned. My recent post Flourless Mexican Chocolate Cake with Meringue Topping