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Name It, Claim It?

I want to be clear on the front end of this post that I do NOT subscribe to the “name it, claim it” school of theology. HOWEVER… Since my little post a couple of days ago, where I put it out there into the universe that I believe in Divine Appointments, I have had no …

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Angel Food

We took this picture in remembrance of Charlie’s Angels. I regret that one of my angel friends had already gone home before this picture was taken. But I thought I would throw in this picture, just for fun, on a blog post that is actually all about food. I remember my vacations by their meals. …

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San Francisco: Part Three

Saturday was a day of contrasts. We went from the site of the Summer of Love and total hippieness, across the Bay to the port of quaint and rampant yuppieness. From clouds into sunshine, and then back again. Saturday was our day in the car: a day of hurtling through time and space at breakneck …

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