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Name It, Claim It?

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I want to be clear on the front end of this post that I do NOT subscribe to the “name it, claim it” school of theology.


Since my little post a couple of days ago, where I put it out there into the universe that I believe in Divine Appointments, I have had no less than four of what I would consider to be prime examples of the very thing I was referring to: conversations where I felt the touch and the presence of divine grace: conversations that were meant to be.

It makes me wonder why I don’t wake up every day with a sense of anticipation and expectation in regard to what God might have in store for me that day.

And, ever since my friend Anne sat on my futon (8 months ago) and said she wanted to win Invisalign braces – only to win them last week, I have been contemplating the potential power that there might be in speaking your heart’s desire out loud.

(And while, I’m on this topic: I plan to go to Ireland some day, by the way.) 😀

Anyway: I’m on my vacation with my blogging buddy, and having a wonderful time, and we’re starting our day by each posting a quick one (Dueling Blogjoes at the breakfast table!), but I thought I would ask a quick couple of questions:

Have you had a divine appointment lately?


Have you ever said something out loud, and had that very thing come to pass?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Susan in the Boonies

Tuesday 28th of June 2011

@Margaret: I think you are exactly right - it helps so much to be open and looking for them. On the flight home? I was tired, and not really looking for one in any way. And....I got what I was looking for.

(Sad? Or...that's life? You decide.)

Susan in the Boonies

Tuesday 28th of June 2011

@The Fine Life: that is crazy awesome!!! I can't believe you won that!!!! Surely you can find that electrician and plumber to help you!!! Your house will be the talk of the town!!!!!!! I love it!

We need to meet up sometime! You are delightful!


Monday 27th of June 2011

I wonder if we only recognize divine appointments when we're looking for them. And open to them.

Sometimes the wall I place around myself is high enough that I can't see over it to check out the divine appointment waiting on the other side.


The Fine Life

Saturday 25th of June 2011

Divine Appointments are my favorite kind, and I totally agree that you have to be careful with what you put out into the universe in words and deeds. (It's kind of hard to control thoughts, sometimes!)

I have been raving about a super fancy toilet ever since I first used one on a trip to Japan. I even wrote a post about it here:

Last week I won a contest that I didn't even know I entered. Guess what I won? No, not that toilet, it's $6000.00. I won the next best thing: the seat. It's the part of that does all the fancy hygiene work anyway, and can be added to an existing fixture.

I've been squawking about that thing for years. Now, I'm going to need an electrician and a plumber to install my 1099 worthy seat, but it's all good. Let's see how all my talk of a summer in Europe pans out!

Susan in the Boonies

Saturday 25th of June 2011

@Robin: we're thinking of you and missing you, my dear! I so wish you were here!