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Angel Food

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We took this picture in remembrance of Charlie’s Angels. I regret that one of my angel friends had already gone home before this picture was taken. But I thought I would throw in this picture, just for fun, on a blog post that is actually all about food.

I remember my vacations by their meals. I may be alone in this. Or not.

I am just now coming off of a wonderful visit with three of my very favorite friends ever. We had a BALL. We laughed ourselves silly, listened to each other’s hearts, gave each other room to be sad, and angry, and smug, and happy, and tearful, and hopeful, and ….all the things that we were.

I am not posting recipes of what we ate at this point, but if there is something that you want to know the recipe for, let me know, and I promise to publish it forthwith.

In the meantime, if I post now what we ate, it will give me a framework for what all we did, and said. Gosh, how I love these girls! And how I love my dear husband and son and daughter for making room in their hearts for loving my friends almost as much as I do.

Our time together was wonderful! So much so, that we plan to do it again, real soon. But in the meantime, for those of you who have asked what we did…well, …. at the very least… we ate. A lot. So much so that we have decided that we simply CAN’T afford to live too close to each other, or our bottoms would be the size of….well….much larger, anyway….

Here’s the menu:

Tuesday lunch at the local Whole Foods grill: crabcakes and fries.

Tuesday Night: Lincoln Town Car Burritos
(I made up the name myself. The things that make them extraordinary: the pickled onions, and buying a really good, creamy pepper jack cheese.)

Wednesday Breakfast: Activia Yogurt, Bananas,

Lunch: Roasted Chicken Sandwiches, Muenster Cheese, lettuce, olive oil, mustard, basil, salt & pepper on Tuscan Bread

Dinner: frozen pizza. Eh? Into every life, a little rain must fall. Salad with homemade Jacques Pépin vinaigrette.
Celebratory Nightcap Drink in honor of the arrival of the remaining weary travelers: Homemade Limoncello

Thursday Breakfast the following morning: Activia Yogurt, Bananas, Shredded Wheat and Bran, and French Press coffee made from home roasted coffee beans, courtesy The Big Bison. Tazo “Awake” tea for the tea drinkers.

Lunch was more roasted chicken sandwiches on Tuscan bread, and some Mint Milano cookies, while we prepared that night’s dinner:


Sooze’s Lasagna à la Moosewood Cookbook (None finer)

Tossed Salad with Jacques Pépin salad dressing

Semolina Twist Bread from Costco

Triple Layer Chocolate Cheesecake

Friday: pot luck breakfast with my Friday Morning Ladies’ Group, who are awesome cooks! Egg Casseroles, fruit salads, rolls and pastries from a local bakery. YUMMY!!!

Lunch at the world famous Loveless Café: Fried Chicken, Grilled Catfish, fried green tomatoes, fried okra, soup & salad and BISCUITS with butter and peach preserves, blackberry preserves, strawberry preserves, and/or honey.

Dinner out at the local 4 Star Eatery: our menu choices? The halibut, the duck, and the tenderloin.

Breakfast the following day: More Activia Yogurt, bananas, and Shredded Wheat & Bran

Lunch: Lasagna Leftovers/Antipasto/Semolina Bread/White Cheddar with Cranberries and a lucious Syrah from the winery in question. Picnic outdoors in PERFECT spring weather.

Afternoon snack: Hand rolled chocolate truffles from The Cocoa Tree.

Dinner: Chicken Marengo and Basmati Rice. Tossed Salad. Cheesecake.

Sunday breakfast: More Activia Yogurt and Shredded Wheat & Bran, and Big Bison Brew home roasted coffee beans coffee, & “Awake” tea.

Lunch: Nastiest Brunch in the World at a Meat and Three, which shall remain nameless, except that it is a Café in the City of Brentwood, TN, and all its food items seem to be brown, grey, or white.

(The reason that this is a VERY good thing is that when you take your guests to eat REALLY NASTY FOOD, they appreciate the delicious meals that you are offering them EVEN MORE!!!)

Dinner: Mixed grill. Home made elk sausage with shallots, and pistachios, and all kinds of other good things. Marinated, grilled elk tenderloin wrapped in bacon, grilled asparagus, and baked potatoes. (Words cannot describe the magnificence of this meal. Honestly.)

Let me know if there is a recipe you desire.

The Hayes Zoo

Monday 26th of April 2010

The rich food is only the frosting of such rich relationships. YOU gals look like the bestest of sister friends. I can't tell you how much I love that you had your meet up! I'm SO glad you have each other and let the richness of your relationships spill over into our lives.


Friday 23rd of April 2010

I am so envious of your cooking skills and the friends that got to spend time with you. (I'll repent shortly, after I allow myself to wallow in in for a few more minutes). So happy to see that your writer's block has ended?!


Tuesday 20th of April 2010

I am salivating here in PA @ 10:22pm!!! Loved the food report and I too, like to recall a trip or visits by the food "intake"! How about sending me your Sooze's Lasagna à la Moosewood Cookbook recipe? Don't send the elk recipe... just invite me next time you prepare that meal?!!! I am so glad you had a great visit with your friends.Love,kim

Tannis Green

Tuesday 20th of April 2010

You have green tomatoes there? I am so jealous. We are still using tomatillos, which are pretty close but not the same.


Tuesday 20th of April 2010

Oooo... limoncello! I was just thinking of limoncello last night. Would you share your recipe please? That, and your marinade recipe for the elk steaks... Do you think it would work with beef? I'm so glad you all had such a rich time together! And I totally get structuring your memories around meals. Food is so evocative that way.