And They Called It Puppy Love

From the moment we eased our car down the driveway of the house that sat on the shore of Old Hickory Lake, and saw eleven white Labrador puppies lined up in a row, each standing on two legs with their paws resting on top of a short chicken wire fence, wagging their little tails at […]

For All the Dogs I’ve Loved Before

 Who’ve traveled in and out … and in and out… and in and out…. my door. In backwards order, here are the top 5 dogs of my life: 5. Pilgrim Pee Dog – the neurotic German Shepherd 4. Deacon D. Dawg – old Iron Tum, the Yellow Labrador 3. Memphis – the mutt who looked […]

A Loving Letter to my Leggy Labrador

My friend Gary, from Gary’s third pottery blog posted a letter he wrote to his cat, Spike, yesterday. It moved me to tears. Yup. A simple letter to a beloved pet moved me to tears, because I’m sappy that way. His premise for this writing exercise was asking his readers who they might write a letter […]