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Cool-jams for My Smokin’ Hot Bod

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I’m in love with my new Cool-jams night gown. And I don’t care who knows it. And clearly, I’m kidding about the smokin’ hot bod. It’s more like steamy. As in, steam rising up from the hot flashes of my middle aged bod. 

Seated in my Cool-Jams. Look at that menopausal glow!

Chillin’ in my Cool-Jams. Look at that menopausal glow!

Menopause is not for the faint of heart, and night sweats and waking up in wet jammies can ruin a good night’s sleep. And that’s what I’ve been dealing with for the last year. 

Why didn’t our mothers tell us about this, you ask? They were too busy fanning themselves, trying to keep their own sanity, due to their own lack of sleep, to worry about preparing our delicate little psyches for the menopausal scourge to come.

Why I Love This CoolJams Nightgown

I’m going to give you my honest review here, but the truth is? I really, really love it.

As in “I sleep in it every night” love it. I do still have hot flashes in the night, and I can prove it by the wet sheets in the morning, but this NIGHTGOWN! This nightgown magically wicks the wetness away from my body, so that I can continue sleeping through the hot flashes, nearly every night. Such a blessing.

I used to always buy 100% cotton nightgowns, but I actually LIKE THIS BETTER!!! The wrinkle-resistant fabric is made with Cool-jams™ wicking technology. This fabric dries an amazing 4 times faster than cotton! (And I love me some 100% cotton!) 

What I Know Now That I Didn’t Know When I Selected My Nightgown

Modeling my Cool-jams beside Gus.

Cool-jams for my hot bod, keep me nice and dry, and able to sleep peacefully, all through the night. Meanwhile, Gus just wants to play ball. 

The style I ordered is called Women’s Pleated Front Moisture Wicking Nightgown.  I took my best guess in size selection. I thought that since I generally wear a Large in T Shirts, that I should order this style of CoolJam nightgown in a Large, as well. Now that I’ve been wearing it, I believe a medium would have worked just fine for me. You can see that the large is nice and roomy, but almost too roomy for me. 

I *know* I’ll be ordering another one of these in a different color, and I believe I’ll order that one in a medium, and maybe go with coral, for my color. 

For MY taste, I wish this nightgown were a *bit* shorter, but you in the words of Mick Jagger, you can’t always get what you want. They do have a ton of different styles of jammies and robes, so if you don’t wear nightgowns, I’ll bet they still have the perfect jammies for you.

Please use any of the links in my post to take yourself to the Cool-jams website, and order the size and style of jammies YOU like. You’ll be delighted with this wonderful moisture wicking fabric, that is soft and as comfortable as can be – just as I was! 

SO Much Time at Home: Pamper Yourself or a Friend

You’re not going out as much. (Thank you, pandemic.) You don’t spend as much money buying new clothes, these days, since you’ve got nowhere to go in them. Why not make the clothes you’re wearing at home the most pampering and comfortable they can be? 

Cool-jams doesn’t just have nightgowns. They also have pajamas, loungewear, sheets and bedding.

A new nightgown or pajamas would make a great gift for your mom, or anyone you know who is struggling with hot flashes at night, since hot flashes don’t just hit women in menopause. They can also be a side effect of certain medications. So if there’s a man in your life who’s struggling with this issue, Cool-jams also makes men’s sleepwear, too. 

Go take a look, and see what I mean! You’ll be glad you did.

Cool-jams for my sweaty bod.

If you’ve got a Pinterest Board devoted to self-pampering, or Christmas gifts, you need to add this pin to it!