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What’s a Good Dog Food for a German Shepherd?

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This is a sponsored post, in that the product we tried was sent to me free of charge to try by TruDog. It contains affiliate links, and if you order something from TruDog, using one of my links, it will add no extra cost to you, but will help me earn a bit of money. Maybe enough to buy Gus some dog food. Fingers crossed. All thoughts and opinions are STRICTLY my own, as always.

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Gus, as he ponders the all-important question: “What is the best dog food to feed a German Shepherd?”.

We’re on a journey at our house, to find the best dog food for our German Shepherd, Gus. Opinions in regard to what you should feed your dog are like…well…tails on a dog, when it comes to this topic. Every dog has got one, be it bobbed, or plume-like. Some say you should feed your dog only homemade food. Some say dogs need to eat raw.

We want to address our dog’s dietary needs so that he’s getting the best nutrition possible. But our German Shepherd’s food needs to be convenient, and affordable, too. You’d be surprised at how difficult this task has been for us. Or maybe you wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe you’re on the same journey, too.

In my first unboxing video and post regarding TruDog, we ordered only treats, toys, Boost Me, which is an all-muscle meat and organ freeze-dried additive you can sprinkle on top of their kibble,  and TruDog’s Dental Spray, called Spray Me, their largest selling product. Spray Me not only cleans your dog’s breath, using all natural essential oils, but it also PREVENTS tartar build up. That’s an investment in your dog’s health that will save you money long-term by preventing illness that comes from bad dental health, as well as prolonging your dog’s healthy existence. And who doesn’t prefer sweet-smelling kisses, to stinky dog breath kisses? 

The most helpful product to us, from that box, was TruDog’s Boost Me. Gus tends to get bored with the same old/same old  kibble. But Boost Me turned him from a picky eater, into a dog who pranced his way to the food bowl every night, ready to gobble down every morsel. And it felt so good knowing that what we were adding to his kibble was basically raw muscle meat and vital organs that had been freeze dried. So it was GOOD for him! It’s basically what he would have devoured in the wild. (Remember, dogs are 99.9% identical to wolves, genetically speaking! And…well…wolves eat….raw.)

TruDog liked that video of Gus so much (how could they NOT?) that they sent us some more of their products to try. So, Gus and I sat down for another unboxing video, that I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy just as much as the last one. In this one, you ~MAY~ notice that Gus attempts to contribute *his* thoughts, just a bit more.



TruDog Dog Food Products We Unboxed:

(plus any additional thoughts I’ve had since we unboxed them)

1. Treat Me Big Dog Bacon Rolls
2. Treat Me Soft Chicken Sausage :you didn’t get to watch Gus interact with these, but I will tell you that he absolutely goes WILD for them. They look like REAL sausages, all roped together! If you click on the link you’ll see a picture of them. They are near the top of Gus’ favorites.

3. Boost Me – Mighty Meaty Beef Topper/Meal Enhancer: I already mentioned this product earlier in this post, but let me reiterate HOW MUCH Gus loves this stuff. I really think it’s the answer to the problem of the dog who is a bit of a picky eater.

4. Fortify Me – Freeze Dried Raw Food Topper for Dogs– Think of this one as like giving your dog a daily digestive omega booster. 

5. Feed Me Raw Dog Food – Crunchy Beef Real Meat Super Food: this isn’t ~exactly~ raw. It’s FREEZE-DRIED raw dog food. One benefit of freeze-dried raw dog food over regular raw dog food would be that it has a longer shelf life. Gus loves it. I think it’s a great, more convenient alternative to feeding your dog raw, or raw homemade dog food. I’ve also learned that you add a bit of water to it before serving it. 

6. Feed Me Raw Dog Food – Crunchy Munchy Gourmet Gobbler Turkey Real Meat Super FoodThis is TruDog’s other variety of freeze-dried raw dog food. 

7. RawGo! Lamb and Cranberry Dehydrated Raw Dog Food – because this dog food is DEHYDRATED only, and not freeze dried, the texture is different than TruDog’s Freeze-dried Feed Me varieties. It’s more of a meal…or…more finely ground/crumbly. Whereas, the freeze dried is more like little chunks. In any case, you add water to both varieties. Gus hasn’t seemed to prefer one over the other. Hope that’s helpful information. Although, in the unboxing, it’s clear he was more eager to sample the Beef and the Lamb: moreso than the turkey variety. So, your dog’s taste preferences may vary. 

My plan is to check back in with you and do another post in regard to any answers we find on our journey to choose the best dog food for a German Shepherd. But for now, I can tell you that Gus is ALL about the TruDog. I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed if you try it.

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Thursday 28th of February 2019

You and Gus are naturals in front of the camera. I loved watching him get so excited over what you unboxed.

Susan Williams

Thursday 28th of February 2019

He was a very good boy! I think he's got a future in front of the camera, should he decide to pursue it. Of course, he'd rather pursue a ball, but....