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A Review of TruDog Dog Food Products and an Unboxing Video Starring Gus

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Most dog owners are looking for the very best dog food they can possibly find. Maybe, like I am, you’re looking for dog products that are high in nutrition, with natural ingredients.

Recently, I discovered TruDog, which has earned the highest rating – 5 stars – from Dog Food Advisor, an independent dog food reviewing organization. I decided I would order some TruDog products for Gus, our 2 year old GSD. Gus has been having some problems with itchy skin, so we’re trying to address those issues through his diet.

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TruDog: a dog food review and unboxing video

We shot video of our unboxing of the products I decided to try. As you’ll see, the results were … entertaining.

My Favorite Product for Gus: Boost Me by TruDog

Gus is a bit of a picky eater, as was our first German Shepherd, Pilgrim. I mean, I’ve had a Labrador Retriever before, so I DO understand that for some dogs, it’s all about volume, volume, volume! LOL But other dogs are a touch more refined. And Gus gets bored, easily, with one kind of kibble.

So we were looking for a product we could stir into Gus’s kibble, that had great flavor, and was high in nutrition.

Gus has gone absolutely BONKERS over Boost Me. I mean he LOVES it. These days, he refuses to eat till his kibble gets that little extra sumpin’ sumpin’, sprinkled over, and stirred in! TruDog’s Boost Me is a product you add to your dog’s kibble, to boost the nutrition, and the flavor.

You sprinkle approximately 2 tablespoonfuls of Boost Me  over each cup of kibble you feed your dog. Dogs that are sick, frail or elderly sometimes need a little enticement, too, so Boost Me would also be the perfect product for dogs with those types of needs. But ANY dog will thank you for adding Boost Me to their kibble.

TruDog’s ​BOOST ME is a freeze-dried​ supplement that contains high quality cuts of raw ​beef muscle meat, vital beef organs like tripe, lung, liver heart, and kidney, as well as beef ​blood and bone, and a little herring oil to aid digestion. ​​Freeze drying locks in the freshness without adding chemicals or cooking out vital nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy. It also enhances​ the nutritional value of your current dry or wet food.

After all, a dog’s DNA is 99.9% Wolf! That’s crazy, isn’t it? Of course….then…they discovered we had couches….. 
But I digress. What do wolves eat, in the wild? What were they literally designed to eat? All that offal stuff! Commercial dog food came along only in the last 160 years. (Since 1860, to be precise.) Before that, doggies were eating either people food, or what they hunted. 

What is TruDog’s Biggest Selling Pet Product?

TruDog’s biggest seller is called Spray Me. Spray Me is an all natural spray for your dog’s breath and teeth.
Spray me works by reducing the odor-causing bacteria in your dog’s mouth,  As has been widely reported in the news, our dental health greatly affects our general health, since nasty bacteria gain entry into our body when our gums are unhealthy. Apparently, Spray Me bonds with your dog’s saliva, working its way throughout your dog’s mouth to eliminate bacteria and soften plaque deposits for a cleaner mouth and whiter teeth. It’s therefore an aid in preventing gum disease. TruDog says you’ll see results in three weeks,  if you use it consistently as directed. 

Now Gus’s choppers are pearly white, at present, since he’s barely 2 years old. But I love that this spray uses natural ingredients that are antibacterial, such as grapefruit seed extract, peppermint oil, grape seed extract, rosemary and thyme. I’m a cook, for crying out loud. That sounds delicious! But Spray Me will be great at helping keep his teeth white. Plus, who needs the expense of a veterinary bill resulting from poor dental health? 

TruDog #ad A dog food review and unboxing video #dogfood #review #dogproducts

Do me a solid, and share this so other dog owners can learn about it as well!

Treat Me and Chew Me by TruDog

While I visited the TruDog website, I wanted to try a wide array of dog products, so that I could report back to the class (that’s you) on how Gus enjoyed what we’d ordered. The TruDog website has a huge array of not just dog products, but pet products, in general, including cat products. They also have toys, and treats your pet will love.

The next product we tried was Treat Me, Crunchy Beef Delight. Gus LOVES them, as well. We save those for when he’s been an extra good boy. They are nugget sized morsels, again, made of real beef: USDA certified beef, meaty bones and whole organ meats, fortified with amino and omega rich blood and fat. There are no fillers, preservatives or coloring added. So you’ll feel good knowing that what your’re giving to your dog to “spoil” him or her, is actually GOOD FOR your pet, as well. 

Finally, because Gus loves him a satisfying chew, we ordered Chew Me Canine Cracklin’ Pork Strips. They’re made of all natural pork skin, and beef pizzle. Beef pizzle is not rapper slang. It’s the part of the bull that is…well…the most manly. Or should I say, the most bullish. Again, the Chew Me strips are a huge hit, as well.

While you’re on the TruDog website, don’t forget to check out the sales they are running for that day. You can often get an item that is practically a steal, while you’re making your regular order. They’re very proactive in their marketing, so be sure to set your privacy levels and email settings to what works for you.