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I Created My Own Cookbook: The BIG Reveal and a Giveaway

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This post is sponsored by CreateMyCookbook; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The cookbook I created with CreateMyCookbook has arrived, and here's the BIG Reveal. #createmycookbook #cookbook #write

The cookbook I created with CreateMyCookbook has arrived, and here’s the BIG Reveal.

I created my own cookbook with CreateMyCookbook, and now it’s time for the BIG REVEAL! And it’s ALSO time for a GIVEAWAY to help you write YOUR own cookbook!!  I told you all a few weeks ago that I had written my own cookbook, filled with some favorite recipes, and that I couldn’t wait to see the results!

Well, at the risk of spoiling someone’s surprise present, it arrived the day before Thanksgiving, and is now hidden in a secure location. Only Wikileaks knows where, so that I can be sure that my secret location STAYS safe.

But lucky you, I’m going to give my readers a sneak peek of my VERY FIRST COOKBOOK. Because I’m pretty convinced, now that I’ve gone through the process, and seen the wonderful results, that this is a process I WILL go through again!

I’d really like to create a cookbook that my readers can purchase!
(Burying the lead? You decide!)

See, I now know for sure that this is a doable process, with marvelous results. 

So, do I recommend that a person such as yourself, internet-savvy enough to click on a link to a blog post, and read that post, attempt to WRITE YOUR OWN FAMILY COOKBOOK?


And I can’t imagine a more loving gift, nor one that will be more treasured by your family, and friends.

Anyone can write their own cookbook, and I can now tell you that it will look right at home on your bookshelf, next to all your other most beloved cookbooks. 

The cookbook I created with CreateMyCookbook has arrived, and here's the BIG Reveal. #createmycookbook #cookbook #write

Only Wikileaks knows its hiding place, and they PROMISED me they’d NEVER tell.

I outlined these reasons that I said that anyone can create a cookbook in my last post for them, but just in case you didn’t read them, or need further convincing, here they are: 

Six Reasons WHY CreateMyCookbook is Such a Great Tool to Help You Create Your Own Cookbook:

1. IT WILL BE UNIQUE: Your cookbook will not have a cookie cutter/same old, same old look. Your book will be what YOU design, with tons of options for styling and formatting. Your cookbook will look quite different than others you might see there, on the website, because you get to choose from lots of great design options.

2. MORE THAN JUST RECIPES: Your cookbook doesn’t have to be *only* a cookbook. You can fill it up with stories, too! You can include memories of vacations taken together, or birthday parties, or holidays past. And it can be not *just* stories, but family pictures, too. Whatever images you’d love to preserve, for others to have and treasure: you can include them! Stories, recipes, photos: all yours, chosen by you! All easily arranged, and formatted exactly as you’d like them.

3. PRO PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT NECESSARY: You don’t have to be a food blogger, and have “food blogger quality” images. CreateMyCookbook has tons of stock food photos available if you’d like to choose from any of them. OR, you can, again, use family photos, rather than food photos. Or you could even use photos you’ve taken of the artfully arranged and spattered recipe cards of old. Many of the cookbooks I’ve seen as examples are “people image” heavy. If the thought appeals, you could even think of your cookbook as the ultimate form of scrapbooking.

4. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE: You can have multiple contributors: if you don’t want to attempt this project on your own, but want other recipe contributors to have access to the software, the cookbook designer tool accommodates that. 

5. THEY’LL HANDLE THE TYPING, IF YOU LIKE: if the process of compiling all those lovingly stained recipes sounds overwhelming to you, they even have a service called, “We Type It”, where you snap photos of your old recipe cards, and CreateMyCookbook types them for you.
6. YOU ONLY NEED TO PRINT ONE, NOT HUNDREDS. You don’t have to print 100 copies of your cookbook. You can print as few or as many as you’d like. And if you want to print two now, and then extended family members want a copy, later,CreateMyCookbook,will save your files for you, so that you can order more.

A Giveaway!!!

I’m practically doing a Happy Dance, as I type this! I’m so excited for some of my readers to try this service, and save some money while doing it!!!

So, leave me a comment, anything you’d like, as to your, or your family’s favorite recipe, and you’ll be entered into the running for a gift certificate to CreateMyCookbook. CreateMyCookbook will be offering an $80.00 gift certificate to one of my readers!

The cookbook I created with CreateMyCookbook has arrived, and here's the BIG Reveal. #createmycookbook #cookbook #write #holidaygift #giveaway @cre8mycookbook #ad

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Friday 15th of November 2019

My favourite family recipe would be my Grandmas banana creamer pie. Wish I had asked her for it.

Kate C

Sunday 16th of December 2018

I’m just learning of this product today and it’s the perfect gift for my parents! While my family is visiting with them all next week, I’m going to slice away time to sit with my parents and go through all their recipes with them (and secretly helping to organize it all). I’m going to take all the collected recipes, photos of our family holidays together since before I was born and capture it all in this book. I plan to make copies for my parents, myself and my brothers. I’m so excited to start the process!

Susan Williams

Tuesday 18th of December 2018

I'm excited for you, Kate!!! Wishing you a fun, and satisfying process!


Monday 10th of December 2018

I am still

Wanting to do o e of these for my son, the chef, with our favorite family recipes. I know he would treasure it.

Martha Franco

Monday 10th of December 2018

I don't know how great MY cookbook would be, but I'm absolutely SURE yours is fantastic! XO♥

Rita Viskup

Monday 10th of December 2018

I recently found my grandmother's cookbook! I haven't had a chance to look through it yet, but am hoping I'll get that chance over Christmas break.