Always a nominee, never a winner?

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Well, you do remember when my husband was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for the music he wrote for a promo for the Today Show. Right? He was nominated, but he didn’t win.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our Excellent Emmy Adventure in L.A. We saw the sights, we dressed up, and we had a fantastic time!

On a oh, so, so, so much lesser scale (as in: the difference between a milligram and a metric ton), I was nominated today! Ha! It makes me laugh with joy, because I bet I know who nominated me, and let’s just say that I’m pretty sure that she must love me like my Momma did, even though she claims to be “Nota Supermom”. πŸ˜€

What is the high honor for which I was nominated, you ask?

The Coveted Homeschool Blog Award, of course!!!

I’m a nominee in the category of Best Encourager!!!
πŸ˜€ <--- See my big encouraging smile??? Here's the best part: there are ONLY 60 OTHER NOMINEES IN THIS CATEGORY!!! And "Wildlife in the Woods" which starts with a "W", in case you missed that part, is #58 on the list of 60!!! :-( <--- See my big encourager smile turned upside-down? Oh, well! (The statement "Oh, well!" is a deep, powerful coping mechanism kind of statement that has served me well throughout my life. I use it, often, and find it brings great comfort.) It's an honor just to be nominated, as the Big Bison and I kept saying last August in LA! I wish they'd let you vote often, but I believe there's a little something in the rules forbidding, anyway, and maybe think about voting for me, wouldja? Here’s a link.

P.S. If you do vote for me, wouldja be willing to give me a shoutout here in the comments section?
Santa Claus will be taking notes of who’s naughty and who’s nice!

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  1. Haven't voted yet but you know I will!! *grinning*

  2. Julia (Jmmom) says

    I voted for you! πŸ˜€

  3. No contest as to who is a super, amazing, encourager!Love,Donna

  4. I voted for you. You encourage me every day.

  5. Congrats on being nominated! I'll definitely vote for you. I got nominated to…for best homemaking blog. πŸ™‚

  6. Kara,I am tickled to death you were nominated. I just went and looked at your blog, and voted for you.AWESOME BLOG!!!

  7. I did nominate you, and some of the other blogs I link to on my site.I like Melissa's idea to rename WLITW to AAA Wild LIfe in the Woods. Good luck! You have a pretty good shot I think. Pioneer Woman is in my category, so "it's an honor just to be nominated".

  8. I'll vote for you. Just show me where/ how to make my "check" mark!!!Love to you & my big brother!kim

  9. Kim,Click on the button on the right side of my blog that says "Homeschool Blog Awards Vote Now!"Scroll down to the bottom of that page (you should see a vote now button on the page) until you come to the listing of the categories. My category is #7, Best Encourager. Click on that. You should see a listing of about 60 nominees. Wildlife in the Woods is 3rd from the last, in alphabetical order. Click the circle beside it, and then press Vote now. That should do it. Thanks for your vote. I'll say "Hi" to your bro for you.

  10. You have our vote!

  11. Thanks to you, and your very cool site that I just checked out, Organic Learning!

  12. I voted for you.

  13. Thank you, Angela!

  14. I just found your blog from the HSBApost… and looking forward to reading more! πŸ˜‰ amy in peru

  15. FYI, I did vote for you. Not because you're so beautiful. Not because you are popular with the in crowd.Not because you are talented and married to a talented guy.Not because you are a wonderful hostess.Not because any of that isn't true.But you really, truly encourage me. So even if you don't win, know that you made a difference in the life of a child of God.

  16. Amy, you just made me tear up. Thanks for YOUR encouragement! Love, Susan

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