Always a nominee, never a winner?

Well, you do remember when my husband was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for the music he wrote for a promo for the Today Show. Right? He was nominated, but he didn’t win. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our Excellent Emmy Adventure in L.A. We saw the sights, we dressed up, and we had a fantastic time! […]

Excellent Emmy Adventure, Part Deux: The Ceremony

I guess I better get on this and spill the details before I forget any more of it than I already have. I believe I left off at the point where the Big Bison and I went back to the hotel to relax a bit and get ready for our BIG NIGHT. The unending coverage […]

My Most Excellent Emmy Adventure

This… …will not grace the studio of my dear husband, the Big Bison. Well, not this year, at least. We are back from our trip to smokin’ hot Los Angeles. Smokin’, because the skies were full of not only smog, but the smoke from the wildfires burning on the hillsides north of Los Angeles. Hot, […]