Why You Maybe Shouldn’t Homeschool

Have you ever considered whether or not you might want to homeschool your child?  You have my permission to run away, now. Promise not to hold it against you! The chances are strong that this post is not going to make me any friends. My friends who are in their early days of homeschooling might […]

A Tale of Four Cities, Three Friends, Two Tires, and A Dog

With apologies to Charles Dickens for downright thievery, and ultimately, the mutilation of his beautiful prose, I can sum up my adventure of a road trip in July, thusly: It was the best of times,it was the worst of times,but it didn’t stop just then.Then, it was the best of times,and the worst of times,and […]

World’s Most Beautiful Wedding Song and Video

World’s Most Beautiful Wedding Song??? Seriously, Sooze? Perhaps you exaggerate? Just a touch? Well…since I was the bride, and my husband, the groom, was the man who WROTE the song for me? Absolutely not.  I do NOT overstate my case. This IS the World’s Most Beautiful Wedding song. And it was sung 25 years ago, […]