Rene, Remembered

Rene Her parents named their youngest baby girl Florene. But all her friends called her “Rene”. I wasn’t born into the privilege of being Rene’s niece. However, I was fortunate enough to have married into that position. And you didn’t have to BE genetically related, to feel like you’d become family to Rene. I only […]

How I Met My Husband

This post was written for GenFab, (short for Generation Fabulous), a group for bloggers of a certain age that provides encouragement, information and blogging tips.  GenFab sponsors a once a month Blog Hop. This month’s topic was “How I met my husband/significant other”. You can follow GenFab’s twitter hashtag at #GenFab. I get so many (absolutely […]

Why You Maybe Shouldn’t Homeschool

Have you ever considered whether or not you might want to homeschool your child?  You have my permission to run away, now. Promise not to hold it against you! The chances are strong that this post is not going to make me any friends. My friends who are in their early days of homeschooling might […]