Earn Amazon Gift Codes By Sharing Your Opinion

Would you like to earn Amazon gift codes by sharing your opinion? Read on! This opportunity is for those who are the primary shoppers in their household. Have you ever wished to have your voice heard within the food industry?  A major manufacturer in the food industry needs your help.  They are looking for participants who are […]

Rosemary’s 5 Step Herbal Skin Program Review

A few months ago, while exercising my rights as a Licensed Skeptic ®, I asked the Facebook group of Homeschooling Moms I’ve been a part of for over 10 years if facial masks really do anything. (Did  you just think, “She was probably scrolling through Pinterest again?” Well, you’d be right. Remember, I once was […]

Making It Up As We Go Along

Have you ever felt kind of like a “fake” adult? Like you don’t know exactly what you’re doing? Or where you’re going? Maybe even felt at a loss as to what your next step should be?   My mom died when I was 30. My dad, when I was 42. Each died right around the […]